Zeeshy Realtime GPS Tracker GSM GPRS System Vehicle Tracking Device

Real-time track
Overspeed alarm
Vehicle Anti-theft alarm
Remote fuel/power cut
Internal supervisory CPU,Fault Self-recovery
AGPS tracking
Geo-fence boundary violation alarm
Mileage statistics
Acc detection
External power supply failure alarm
GPS/GSM base station bimodule track
Low voltage alarm
Dead zone storage compensation
Track inquire

Anti-theft of the vehicle/heavy equipment etc.
Protection of the child/elderly/disabled/pet etc.
Provide peace-of-mind for businessman.
Personnel management.
Covert criminal tracking.

Product parameter:
GSM:Quad band 900/1800Mhz,850/1900Mhz
GSM antenna:External quad band antanna
GPRS:Class 12 UDP/IP built-in GSM moudule
GPS channel:50 Channel
GPS sensitivity: -160dBm
GPS Tracking time :Hot2(open sky),Warm 15sec, Cold 38sec
GPS antenna:External High-gain Ceram Patch Antanna
Gps accuracy:10m(2dm)
Operating temperature:-25 degrees to 80 degrees
Sensor: vibrating sensor
Battery capacity:95 mAh

Please make sure the SIM card is for GSM network. SIM Card not included, customers need to get it from your own country by yourself.

Product Features

  • No monthly service charges. No activation fees.No contracts.No cancellation fees.
  • External antenna, signal is strong.Don’t worry about the problem of signal .
  • The user can edit SMS to query the device IMEI, set alarm,positioning,over speed alarm,time zone and the the signal.
  • Real-time track,overspeed alarm, vehicle Anti-theft alarm,remote fuel/power cut,AGPS tracking,Geo-fence boundary violation alarm, mileage statistics, Acc detection,external power supply failure alarm,GPS/GSM base station bimodule track,low voltage alarm,dead zone storage compensation ,track inquire
  • Service life is long, and within 30 days of free exchange, 18 months free warranty.

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