Yada BT54860-50 Black Back Up Camera with 5″ Dash Monitor

The Yada backup camera with 5″ dash monitor is a durable solution to see what is behind you before you backup. Adding a backup camera to your vehicle can reduce the risk of accidents and backovers. The Yada backup camera comes with a clear 5″ color monitor that mounts to your windshield with the included suction cup mount. The camera mounts over the license plate and provides a wide angle image of the view behind the vehicle. The camera can be powered via the reverse tail light or a 12v socket. There is no need to run any wires from the camera to the monitor – the clear image is sent wirelessly with no interference.

Product Features

  • 5″ dash monitor with backup camera
  • Option to install via 12v direct adapter
  • Night vision and weatherproof
  • Digital wireless for no interference

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3 Responses to Yada BT54860-50 Black Back Up Camera with 5″ Dash Monitor

  1. Brooke says:

    Love!!!! Easy and works perfect at night!!! I am a 30 year old female that installed this by myself in my 2011 Ford Escape(watched their YouTube video for it). It took me about three hours total but well worth it!!! It actually works better at night (picture wise) than in the day sometime lol. I never have issues with signal interference or picture issues. I am in sales and work out of my car so this is used up to 15-20 times a day without issues. Take time during install to properly wire and be sure to put electrical tape over all…

  2. rcfreak101 says:

    Camera fogs up. Can’t reach customer service I have never reviewed anything, ever. I buy a ton of stuff from amazon and have never taken the time to review anything until now. I ordered this back up camera after my daughter backed into a car in our Ford Excursion. It seemed like a decent product with a decent price and easy install and it was. But the problem with the camera is that in our cool Northwest winter the camera fogs up on the inside of the lens cover and it completely obscures the picture making it completely useless. I…

  3. E. Scairpon says:

    Yada, NADA! I should have listened to some of the other reviewers about the hardiness (see: lack thereof) this unit in holding up to ANY moisture. I had already purchased a PEAK PKC0RB back-up camera wireless system in April in 2010 that worked ok until recently (unknown failure). The PEAK lasted nearly three years, was crisp (when you didn’t get interference) and held up to moisture. At least you could wipe off any rain drops from the camera when you walked up to the car and have a clear backup picture…