Wireless RV Rear View Camera System for Use with Your Smartphone (Iphone or Android)

(Buyer beware!!! The following description and associated 5-star ratings only pertain to the RV Rearview Camera System and its associated intellectual property. Recently, two Chinese products have been added in an effort to garner sales by undercutting our price. Since Amazon shows sellers’ products in order of price, you will need to click on “See All Buying Options” and then at the bottom of that page click “Show all offers” to get to our product offering and price. Sorry for having to post this caveat, but only RV Rearview Camera Systems LLC is the legitimate seller of this product and you should not be duped into thinking otherwise.): Components of our camera system package are one (1) IP camera, one (1) adjustable camera mount, one (1) N-router, and two (2) 12v power cords. The system works by combining high quality components to provide wireless live streaming video to your iPhone or Android phone from a rear-mounted camera. Live video of the road behind is transmitted to the owner’s smartphone inside the tow vehicle. A quick-release windshield, dash, mirror, or vent mount is used to hold the phone while in use as a rearview mirror. Image display is reversed and appears the same as it would be on a vehicle rear view mirror. Your smartphone continues to be operational for calls and messages while in camera mode. Streaming distances between camera and and phone are approx. 75 feet or more. The system is pre-configured for plug-and-play setup with detailed installation instructions. Fast response online help is provided as needed.

Product Features

  • Our RV Wireless Rearview Camera System Enables RVers With Travel Trailers to:
  • See what’s behind your trailer while towing or backing.
  • Easy plug & play, do-it-yourself installation.
  • Use your smartphone as a rear view mirror.
  • Continue to receive calls and text messages while in camera mode.

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