Winegard PA-6002 Pathway X2 Satellite TV Antenna

Designed exclusively for DISH Network satellite TV programming, the Pathway X2 antenna offers a whole new look at automatic satellite TV acquisition. Powered through a DISH ViP 211 series HD receiver (sold separately), the Pathway X2 requires no separate power cord. Simply activate the receiver through an existing DISH account or subscribe to a new Pay-As-You-Go programming package that doesn’t require any activation fees or 2 year agreements. A unique feature to the Pathway is the ability to point to either Western or Eastern arc satellite orbitals, offering the most programming available. The larger reflector size also provides superior signal performance compared to other automatic portable satellite systems. Lightweight yet rugged, the Pathway X2 antenna offers the fastest and easiest set up. Features 2 coax inputs to allow for multiple receiver hook-up, an easy grip carry handle, and a security eyelet molded into the base so the antenna can be locked up. Includes one 25’ coax cable. Stores to 15” x 21”. Weight 16 lbs. Compatible with Carryout tripod mount (sold separately). Not compatible with Carryout ladder mount. Made in the U.S.A.

Product Features

  • Acquires all DISH satellites for complete programming
  • Automatically finds DISH Eastern or Western arc satellites
  • Powered through DISH ViP 211 series receiver
  • View different channels on two TVs
  • Compatible with DISH Pay As You Go programming

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3 Responses to Winegard PA-6002 Pathway X2 Satellite TV Antenna

  1. AJC says:

    Next generation satellite dish… huge advantages over the DISH Tailgater! Purchased this antenna from our local RV store about 2 months ago after having 3 Tailgaters go bad on us. The install tech at the RV store said that this dish is manufactured by Winegard and is 10 times the quality of the imported Tailgater. He showed us two systems with the dome off and the poor quality of the materials used in the Tailgater and the poor construction. We were sold!A few things you should know about the Pathway…1. The larger dish inside of the Pathway…

  2. WiliWali says:

    Much better than the TailGator …. We had a TailGator for a couple of years, and it worked as advertised, but had some limitations. While it was small, light, and easy to handle, the internal antenna is pretty small, and sometimes it could only produce a weak signal. It was also limited to the western satellites which was a problem at some campsites, especially up north. It will also support a second receiver, but you have to be watching a program available on the same satellite as the main receiver is tuned to.The…

  3. ZACHERY says:

    Best of all worlds. Purchased this dish for the RV. I went back and forth between a roof mount and this portable. After being convinced that this was the way to go, I gave it a try.Pros:PriceCan hit both Dish arcs (East and West).Can support two receivers when on the East Arc.Very light.Only one cable (power over coax).Cons:Can take a while to align itself. Not really a con since all portables do…Usage:The first trip out with this,…