WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS – SuperHD 2560x1080P & 1296P 170° Lens – Lane Departure & Accident Warning – 16GB microSD – For 12V Cars & Trucks – Night Vision Dashboard Camera Ambarella A7LA50 Car Security DVR WDR Motion Sensor G-Sensor

Product Description

With Super HD 1296P (2304×1296) resolution, WDR, a 170 degree extra-wide-angle lens, and simple plug and play installation, the HD PRO is the premium choice out of all other dash cams for sale on the market today. Driven by a powerful, innovative processor, this dash cam features cycling recording, a motion detector, and countless other features that ensure that it protects you when you need it most without missing a moment. Of course, the 3.0″ LCD screen is yet another benefit, giving you a crystal clear display that represents the quality that Wheel Witness is known for.

There are several features that truly set the HD PRO apart from the rest, including:

Maximum Video Resolution:

– 2304x1296p 30 FPS
– Wide Dynamic Range (Combines multiple exposures for optimal night vision)
– Ambarella A7 Processor
– 3.0″ 16:9 TFT LCD Display
– 170 Degress, Extra-Wide Angle Lens
– Extra Bracket for 2nd Vehicle Use
– Control Exposure Value (EV)
– Video Playback
– Time/Date Stamp
– Manual Audio Control
– Supports a 64 GB SDHC Memory Card
– H.264 Compression
– Exposure Compensation
– Motion Detector – G Sensor
– Foldable Bracket for Easy Storage
– Screen Saver Function to Save Power
– 450 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
– USB Port

– GPS Enabled
– HDMI Port
– Cycling Recording

– When you’re tired of searching through countless car dashboard cameras for sale and are ready for one that delivers relentless quality, innovative design, and exceptional video, the Wheel Witness HD PRO is exactly what you need.

Product Features

  • ★ FREE 16GB microSD Card w/ USB Adapter to Easily Transfer to Your Computer ★ 2560×1080 / 2306x1296P SUPER HD – The highest resolution currently available on any dash camera. Everything is recorded in crisp, 2304x1296P resolution allowing you to see the most detail.
  • ★ WDR (WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE) / HDR Technology – WDR technology allows for the best night video. WDR is able to show a fully balanced exposure, with the ability to compensate light and dark spots of the frame in one shot.
  • ★ 3x MOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE VEHICLE – 2 Sticky Mounts + 1 Suction Cup ★ PLUG & PLAY – Once a microSD card is inserted, all you need to do is plug the camera in to the cigarette lighter outlet and it will start recording automatically.
  • ★ GPS Enabled – Follow your video alongside a Google Maps screen showing you exactly where you were! ★ EXTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS – The dash camera is equipped with a 170 degree extra wide angle lens that allows you to capture absolutely everything that you see in front of your vehicle.
  • ★ CONTINUOUS LOOP RECORDING – The HD PRO will start recording automatically and will fill up the microSD card until full. Then it will automatically delete the oldest file and replace it with the new. Allowing for fully automatic and continuous playback!

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3 Responses to WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS – SuperHD 2560x1080P & 1296P 170° Lens – Lane Departure & Accident Warning – 16GB microSD – For 12V Cars & Trucks – Night Vision Dashboard Camera Ambarella A7LA50 Car Security DVR WDR Motion Sensor G-Sensor

  1. R. C. says:

    Please read this if you are like me and have looked at many of these dashcams and are still trying to decide! This dashcam rocks! Very simple to set up and easy to use. The updated user guide online (http://www.wheelwitness.com/userguide/) tells you what you need to know — and you can literally have this camera configured and mounted in your vehicle and ready to go in about 15-20 minutes.Please be aware that many of the negative reviews referenced issues where people ran into recording problems that have now been resolved by setting the camera up properly in the first place. (I did the same…

  2. David says:

    Nice video quality which I really like Nice video quality which I really like. Simple to set up, just insert the micro SD card and plug it in after you figure out placement.There is no sound so I deducted 1 star and when you go to the recommended sight for their user guide-well there isn’t one.Update 12/21/2014:I emailed Wheel Witness about the user guide and they promptly responded with a link for me to access it. I also could not figure out if this had sound or not. I again emailed them and again they…

  3. Ben Nied says:

    Highly recommend this dashcam! This dashcam is very good, especially for the money. Video quality is better than 1080p, which makes reading license plates or other identifying information very easy. The included 8 GB SD card is great for several hours of video recording, and the camera will automatically remove old video files if it runs out of space. Additionally, the camera has a built-in battery, so in the event that you get into an accident that kills your electrical system, the camera can still cleanly write to the SD…