Vktech® 2 in 1 Car Camera Video+Recorder Radar Laser Speed Detector

Menu Function Settings

Post press the Menu key to enter the setting interface Arrow key to select items scroll up / down on use Press the C/VIEW button to enter the next level menu select the specific function key and then press the C/VIEW button to confirm. After confirmation press the Menu key to exit

Technical Parameters:

Sensor:12 million pixel CMOS sensor

Video resolution:1920*1080/1280*720/

Perspective:Front of the camera 120 degrees

LCD:2.4-inch TFT HD display

Video Format:MOV 30fps

Photo format:JPEG

Memory Card:TF 1GB-32GB

USB interface:USB2.0

Operating system:Windows2000/me/xp/2003 Vista Windows7

Battery capacity:350 mAH

Charging time:About 2 hours

Storage consumption:MOV format 1080FHD: approximately 120MB / min


Full-frequency radar

Main specifications /Band receiver range/Sensitivity

Satellite receiver frequency/1575.42±1.023MHz/95±2dB

Police X-BAND/10.535GHz±100/100±2dB

Spided K-BAND/24.125GHz±175MHz/124±2dB

Spided Ku-BAND/13.450GHz±125MHz/110±2dB

Police Ka-Band/34.700GHz±13000MHz/110±2dB

Spider Ka-BAND/34.300GHz±13000MHz/110±2dB

Laser Beam:940mn±33MHz

Anti anti VG2:11.150±MHZ

Work voltage:DC12V

Car power supply adapter:2VDC-36VDC

Work electronic current:200-300mA



Work temperature range:(-25℃)-(+75℃)


1*Car DVR

1*Car Charger

1*Card Reader


Product Features

  • Radar identification system to mute the inferential radar frequency
  • On time remind and current car speed display,Show the history trace on google map with the video file.
  • Language: English/ Russian
  • Attention:If you have any problems on operating,please feel free to contact us,we will try our best to help you,thank you
  • Temporary radar mute function to eliminate noisy alert in safe condition1 Recording Mode When the charger is connected to work DVR automatically turned on and start recording the blue indicator light flashes In the recording process can be turned on / Down keys to adjust the digital zoom press the REC button to stop recording the blue indicator light long bright When the charger power is off automatic shutdown DVR delayed five seconds late When the built-in battery press the power key to boot into standby mode press the REC button to start recording

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