Vectu Pro Installed Vehicle Tracker – Internal GPS/GSM Antenna – Real-time Live Tracking for Cars Trucks Motorcycles, etc – Black

Vectu – Tracking Made Simple sold by WCB Direct

Vectu® PRO Installed Vehicle Tracker is hard-wired to your vehicle’s battery and lets you locate it at all times using myAspenta web or mobile app. Internal GPS and GSM antennas make Vectu Pro mountable almost anywhere in the vehicle.

Vectu GPS tracker comes with an installed SIM card, which allows you to use it anywhere in the world where GSM reception exists (excludes Japan, S. Korea & N. Korea). You can view location of the device via the free myAspenta app for iOS and Android or on the web at

Live tracking – location updates every 60-seconds when your vehicle is moving.
Works worldwide anywhere GSM reception exists (excludes Japan, S. Korea & N. Korea) – no roaming charges
First years’ service fee included -worldwide coverage with free roaming
Completely invisible when installed
Internal GPS & GSM antennas – mount almost anywhere in the vehicle.
Geofence – create a geofence and receive alerts whenever Vectu exits this area.
Speed alerts -set a speed limit and be alerted immediately if it is exceeded
Arm feature – create an instant Safe Spot around the device and be alerted, if it moves from that location
Instant SMS/Email/Push notifications
View multiple devices on a single map
Histotrack -historical trip view
Battery:300mAh LiPo(backup battery)
90-days location reports & heat map
Support: Low Battery Alert/ External Power Cut Alert/ Unauthorized Movement Alert/ Arm/Disarm/ Motion Activated Tracking

Important Notes:
Professional installation is highly recommended. The VECTU PRO units require installation, installation cost should be covered by the user.

The Package Includes: Tracker device with installed SIM card & Integrated Rechargeable Backup Battery + Power Cable + Quick Start & Installation Guide

Product Features

  • WORKS EVERYWHERE – Use of GPS & GSM Network, Vectu can be located via web or smartphone app anywhere GSM (2G) cellular reception exists. No roaming charges.
  • FIRST YEARS’ SERVICE FEE INCLUDED – Low renewal cost – only $36/year after the included 12 month service period is over. No Activation Fee
  • GPS based solutions are cost prohibitive whereas products from Vectu remove roaming costs and therefore provide the most cost effective solution worldwide.
  • EASY TO USE myAspenta APP -Free Android, iOS and web app. Working in tandem with Vectu , the myAspenta mobile/web app provides all the tools needed to securely control and monitor people and things that are most important to you. INSTANT NOTIFICATTIONS -Unlimited user alerts via text, email, and in-app notifications (Low Battery Alert, Over speed Alert, Geofence Alert, Power Connect/Disconnect Alert, Unauthorized Movement)
  • Tech Support: Phone: +1 888 497 1329 – Monday through Friday, 8am – 4pm (PST)

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3 Responses to Vectu Pro Installed Vehicle Tracker – Internal GPS/GSM Antenna – Real-time Live Tracking for Cars Trucks Motorcycles, etc – Black

  1. Matinik says:

    GPS tracking solution w/ 12 month service free This Vectu Pro vehicle tracker works great and easy to use. It is small, compact and light weight and it has built in battery in case of a power connection lost from the car battery. This Vectu Pro has easy activation process and this process has to be done through Aspenta app which can be download on both IOS and Android for free. For initial set up you need to sign up or create an account and once the account has been created you just add the tracker ID and make sure the tracker is ON and it…

  2. Rick 'The Best of Everything' says:

    WCB Direct VECTU Vehicle Tracker GPS-GSM Antenna B01BEZ81XC WCB Direct VECTU Vehicle Tracker GPS-GSM Antenna B01BEZ81XCThe Vectu Pro is a necessary device to follow your property. This runs on 12V and has an internal battery should power be lost. If it cannot get a GPS lock it can get a general idea from cell tower triangulation. The device has a free one year service which is renewable after one year. It will operate anywhere in the world there is GSM (2G) phone coverage. Excluding N. Korea,…

  3. J.T. Ribz says:

    Full of Features but need installation This is quite an interesting product, the nice part it comes with a built-in sim and 1 year connectivity, so no worries about getting a sim card and configuring it and so on; the platform (myaspenta) is quite professional and simple to use, it has so many features and it come with mobile apps… The Only drawback for this product is that it needs installation, you will need some basic skills in car electrical installations to be able to wire the power wires to the 12v battery, I think you…