Universal 7-inch Carrying Case

The sleek Garmin Universal 7-inch Carrying Case provides durable all-around protection for your device. This zippered black case surrounds your 7-inch device with foam and gray velvet, protecting it from scratches. Package Content: gps carrying casewarranty Operating System Batteries Included Batteries Required Number of Batteries Battery Type Language Assembly Required

Product Features

  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Weight
  • Color

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3 Responses to Universal 7-inch Carrying Case

  1. jkcamb says:

    Reasonable case, if it is what you are expecting. This is a reasonable case, but has two issues. First, it is advertised as fitting all of Garmin’s 6 and 7 inch units, but the new nuviCAM, which has a 6″ screen listed as fitting, barely fits, largely because of the large camera bulge Second, while their very nice 4-5″ case has two zippered components, one nominally for the GPS and the other for the assorted cables, etc., one needs to carry with it, this doesn’t. The description is less than clear but it consists of one zippered…

  2. Don Bruechert says:

    Shop the price!

  3. Dale T. Brose says:

    Perfect Size