Uniden UM380BK Class D Full – Feature Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio, Black

Compact and sleek, The Uniden Solara D UM380 fixed mount radio comes equipped with a rugged front microphone, and is packed with features including full DSC capability and S.A.M.E. emergency weather alert. Certified JIS4/CFR46 Waterproof Level with DSC capability including distress and individual calling.

Product Features

  • Marine Electronics
  • Marine Two-Way Radios
  • Full DSC capability including position send and request

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3 Responses to Uniden UM380BK Class D Full – Feature Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio, Black

  1. Tommy Madison says:

    Indestructable works great,, love it! VERY waterproof Takes a licking and keeps on ticking! I have it on my Carolina Skiff. It gets rained on weekly, salt spray (including the front, back, top, wires…everything) it does great great. It transmits very far, tested and loud and clear every time. it gets no engine noise interferance ever. I get multiple weather channels in my area. 1 reviewer said it didnt have an external speaker option. It does, the black and red wire out of the back is the hookup, it does not have a phono cable out but I…

  2. Martin says:

    Everything I need but could be improved My 6 year old Uniden VHF Radio finally died when the microphone cord broke at the radio. I bought this radio because it is the same size of the old one and fit into the same hole (permanently mounted in my center console).The radio is obviously meant to be mounted overhead because the microphone connection at the radio is pointed downward and CANNOT BE MOVED. That’s where/why my old one failed. It’s mounted near the helm in my center console and I pull UP on the mic when…

  3. Travis Letteer says:

    One out of three faulty I have ordered three of these in the last few months. First one worked well, and the price was good, so I ordered two more. One of them works perfectly, but the other one I didn’t get mounted until after the return period was over. It of course was the one that didn’t work right. The transmit button on the mic doesn’t work well, you have to watch the radio when you key the mic to see if you are transmitting or not, and if not, or if it is flickering back and forth, you have to wiggle your…