Uniden DFR5 Long Range Radar/Laser Detection

The Uniden Intercepter Radar Detector series has the balance of all key factors: no false alarm, easy to operate, range, price and design. Bar none, Uniden is the Best performing radar detector per dollar vs. any radar detector out in the market today.

Product Features

  • Extended Range Laser Radar Detection
  • Advanced K Band Filter
  • Easy-to-Read Dot Matrix Display
  • Spectre 1/IV/IV+ Undetectable
  • DC Charging Cable and Suction Mount Included

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2 Responses to Uniden DFR5 Long Range Radar/Laser Detection

  1. Vortex Radar says:

    Best radar detector under $300 So this is the successor to the wildly popular but now discontinued Uniden LRD950 (http://amzn.to/1QBwuL4). This is a detector that can often hang with and sometimes even outperform radar detectors in the $400-600 price range while offering many of the same features at a lower pricepoint. It also has all the features built into the detector so you don’t need to pair your detector with your phone to get some of the most important functionality. It’s all built in which is really convenient…

  2. Vortex Radar says:

    Great detector for the money The Uniden DFR5 is the successor to the LRD750 (http://amzn.to/1pwRKIY). This detector lies in the more basic and budget friendly end of Uniden’s radar detector lineup. It gives you pretty good radar detection performance and a very good K band filter for not a ton of cash.The main appeal of this detector is that it performs roughly on par with Escort’s budget-friendly M4-based detectors like the S55, X70, Passport, 8500, and so on while giving you better K band filtering and a…