Tri-Lynx 1200W Lynx Stay-Put Hanger Set of 6

This is designed specifically to avoid fall off round closet rods. This hanger is sturdy enough for heaviest clothes and with its multi-use application can be used for RV’s. Campers, boaters, or in your own home.

Product Features

  • Innovative clip on design
  • This can be used anywhere
  • Avoid closet messes
  • This is six pack

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3 Responses to Tri-Lynx 1200W Lynx Stay-Put Hanger Set of 6

  1. kayaker says:

    Hangers stay clipped — and bring the RV closet rod down when we hit a bump! I was tired of repeatedly finding shirts and hangers in a heap at the bottom of the closet after driving over railroad tracks or bumps in the road. After reading about this product last month I eagerly bought two packages for our next RV trip. The hangers are as advertised: heavy duty and they definitely stay put. Our closet rod looks thicker than the one in the photo on the box, and I found the hangers gripped so tightly that I couldn’t move them from side to side along the rod at all…

  2. Shasta Girl says:

    What I love about these is that the top hook “neck” part … 0

  3. Sandra Hinesly says:

    too small 0