Tri-Band Yaesu VX-6R Submersible Amateur Ham Radio Transceiver (144/222/440)

Yaesu VX-6R Triband Amateur Radio Transceiver.
144/222/440 xmit (2 meter, 1.25 meter & 70cm), plus 0.5-999Mhz receive range too (AM/FMN/FMW, less cellular).
Built-in PL & DPL, Alphanumeric.
Can receive AM/FM broadcast radio, Shortwave, CB, Police, Weather, Aircraft & marine bands.
Includes Antenna, HiCap 1500Ma Batt & charger.
Waterproof & submersible (rated 3ft for 30 mins).
Has a security password feature, built-in morse code trainer, black magnesium case.
For Optional Programming Software & USB cable search B004H5Q8IM .
This unit is also compatible w/the following OPTIONAL Yaesu Speakermikes, chargers & accessories – CD-15A, VC-27, MH-73A4B, VC-24, SDD-13, E-DC-6, CT-91, ADMS-vx6, csc-91, FBA-23 (all sold seperate).

Product Features

  • Compact, Mil-Spec, Waterproof & Submersible Tri Band Ham Radio!
  • Transmits the 144, 220 & 430Mhz Amateur Ham Radio Bands, & receives 0.5-999Mhz!
  • Output Power is 5 Watts on 2 meter & 70cm, & 1.5W on 222Mhz, with multiple lower power settings!
  • 900 AlphaNumeric Channels, ctcss/dcs, Backlit keypad, includes HiCap 1500mA Batt, sma antenna & charger.
  • Compatible with these Optional Accessories: ( Sold Seperate): SU-1 Altitude Barometer Display module, CD-15A Desk Quick Charger, MH-73A4B mic, VC-27 Ear mic, SDD-13 12v Car Adapter, CSC-91 Case.

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2 Responses to Tri-Band Yaesu VX-6R Submersible Amateur Ham Radio Transceiver (144/222/440)

  1. Amazon Customer "RK" says:

    My favorite HT due to the 220 coverage and submersibility. Just a couple of days use so far. I bought this radio in lieu of the Kenwood. The Kenwood interested me as it puts out a full 5 watts on 220. That said, there were also quite a few complaints of water damage from rain or ?. Whatever the reason the last thing I wanted was a radio I couldn’t carry in bad weather. I opted for the VX-6R. And since receiving it I haven’t even glanced back. The prevailing attributes so far are one, battery longevity. Does this thing ever go dead? And second, the…

  2. scorpion says:

    Good starter for Ham This is a good starter radio if your interested in breaking into Ham radio. It has a wide range of RX bands and 3 popular TX bands. This is not a CB radio and you do need to get your Amateur radio license to transmit. The radio is also loaded with features and memory to allow you to dabble in many aspects of amateur radio. Download the manual from the Yaesu site to see just what this little radio can do. One word of advice. The Rubber Duck antenna that comes with the radio is next to useless…