Tadibrothers 7 Inch Mirror with Bluetooth and Wireless 120° RV Backup Camera

The crystal clear 7 Inch LCD Bluetooth Mirror Monitor is a perfect addition to any driver that needs assistance backing up.

See the whole world behind you in rich colors. The Mirror doubles as a regular mirror, when the camera is off, and a monitor (7 Inch viewable) when the camera is on.

Remember, even when the camera is on you can still use the parts of the mirror section that remain a mirror.

The Mirror also has Bluetooth capabilities so you can pair any phone to it and use it as a speakerphone. The mirror has built in speakers so you do not need any other devices.

In addition, it has two video inputs so you can connect a camera and a game system or DVD player.

This mirror monitor is compatible with all our cameras and any car; it connects to any power source or a cigarette lighter. This mirror mounts by clamping on your current mirror and the clamps are adjustable so it will fit all cars.

The RV Box camera Has a 120 Degree viewable angle, its waterproof and has auto night vision. The camera is one of the most durable we have, with incredible adjustability and night vision clarity.

The RV Box camera has a metal sun shield visor to protect you from glare and pebbles. It has also been very popular with RV’s, because its housing allows you to install the cameras on multiple sides of your RV.

What does wireless mean? It means you don’t have to run a video cable from the back of your vehicle to the front, instead it’s wireless. However, you can use ANY 12V power source instead. The camera can be wired to the reverse light, an area light, anything that has power will be 12V. We also supply instructions and have tech support.

Product Features

  • Wireless Backup Camera that Works up to 65ft
  • 100% Weatherproof and shock resistant
  • Color LCD Monitor
  • NightVision
  • Easy to Install

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