Tadibrothers 5 Inch Monitor and a Wireless 170 Degree Bumper Backup Camera (RV or Car Backup System)

The crystal clear 5 Inch LCD Monitor is a perfect addition to any driver that needs assistance backing up. See the whole world behind you in rich colors. It is also an LCD monitor so it is very light as well as thin. In addition, it has two video inputs so you can connect a camera and a game system or DVD player.

This monitor is compatible with any car; it connects to any power source or a cigarette lighter. It can mount on your dashboard (mount included). Super easy installation.

The Bumper camera is mounted by embedding it inside the bumper for a clean and secure look. The camera has a 170 Degree angle which is best for Cars, SUVs, Trucks, and RV’s. With 170 Degree everything behind the vehicle can easily be seen due to the high degree of angle. Has optimal reception for up to 50 Feet this allows it to work perfectly without interruption in any vehicle This camera works great for RVs and wider vehicles too. It is also color, waterproof and has military grade night vision.

The camera is also durable for use in the roughest weather conditions. Different brackets are included for installation so it can be angled downwards or upwards if necessary for an ideal view.

This camera is also a wireless camera so there is no need to run cables through your Car or RV. This wireless camera has a 50ft range that can go through any vehicle.

What does wireless mean? It means you don’t have to run a video cable from the back of your vehicle to the front, instead it’s wireless. However, the camera and monitor still need to be wired to a power source. The monitor comes with a cigarette adaptor however you can use ANY 12V power source instead. The camera can be wired to the reverse light, an area light, anything that has power will be 12V. We also supply instructions and have tech support and if you need a local installer we can find one for you.

Product Features

  • Wireless Backup Camera that Works up to 50ft
  • 100% Weatherproof and shock resistant
  • Color LCD Monitor
  • NightVision
  • Easy to Install

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One Response to Tadibrothers 5 Inch Monitor and a Wireless 170 Degree Bumper Backup Camera (RV or Car Backup System)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I bought this product on Amazon to replace the original b&w rearview camera in my 2007 Fleetwood motorhome. The old one broke and the manufacturer ( I think it’s Weldex) is out of business. Tadibrothers claims that the wireless connection will reach 50 feet but at a distance of about 29 feet it works marginally, with the receiver inside and the transmitter outside, up high. The camera needs a 12 Volt supply so I used the old camera cable to provide the power, continuously, such that I can…