Star brite 70416 RV Wash – 16 fl. oz.

Star brite Premium RV Wash is formulated to remove road grime, grease, bug deposits, dust or mud from all exterior areas of an RV. Unlike dishwashing detergents that can strip polish or wax, Star brite Premium RV Wash has the power to loosen and remove tough dirt without removing protective coatings or fading decals.

Product Features

  • Concentrated formula is tough on dirt yet economical to use; a few capfuls cleans a full-size RV
  • Specifically formulated to remove road grime, bug debris, dust, mud and more
  • Safe for all RV exterior surfaces; Will not remove wax or polish; will not harm decals
  • Non-toxic, phosphate-free, biodegradable formula
  • Made in USA

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3 Responses to Star brite 70416 RV Wash – 16 fl. oz.

  1. Jeff Wignall says:

    If it got my 1988 van clean, it’ll work on anything Over the past few years I’d kind of given up washing my 30-year old Ford Econoline (my version of a motorhome, lol) because it didn’t seem to matter much and also I didn’t think regular car was would change it much. When I saw this stuff I got a bit inspired and decided it might be worth a try–and I’m glad I did! While it didn’t take off some of the deepest blackest stains on its own, it did quite an impressive job. And I was able to use a kitchen scrubbing pad from a dollar store to get off…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m surprise of how well this Star brite wash works. It’s really concentrated, and it does act quickly removing all the nasty grime from the road, and even the road salt spreaded over the highway to during storms. This road salt is full of chemicals, and it’s dirty and when it dries up, it gets hard to wash off the vehicle. This wash cleans it as if it were just dirt, and it rinses well. It even has a nice scent, that of course, doesn’t linger after the rinse. But still, it’s better than…

  3. Anonymous says:

    We noticed a big difference in results between using this RV Wash or using some dish washing liquid in a bucket. The dirt is much easier to remove with this product. Seems to almost slide right off. Leaves a nice shine, too. And I feel more confidence in using a product that claims to preserve the wax/polish that’s already on the RV. (Never did like the idea of using dish detergent….But then I’m not the one in charge of keeping the bus clean.)Does NOT remove water trails from…