SOLAR BA9 40-1200 CCA Digital Battery and System Tester

SOLAR BA9 40-1200 CCA Digital Battery and System Tester

Product Features

  • 12 Volt battery and system testing
  • 40-1200 CCA testing capacity
  • 7-15V operating range
  • Compatible with many battery types, including Flooded, AGM, Spiral and Gel Cell
  • LCD display for optimal viewing in all lighting environments

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3 Responses to SOLAR BA9 40-1200 CCA Digital Battery and System Tester

  1. Gary says:

    Solar BA-9: Works pretty well, and is based off of CCA or CA (and others). Ok,So I have a an ABT-GOLD Plus battery tester… and when I bought it, it was $600.00! The device only tests SLA (sealed lead acid) or car batteries up to 200AH (amp/hours).I started to wonder to why a recent purchase of a 100AH AGM (absorbed glass matt) battery was only showing ~80AH.As a result, I went out an purchased a ton of different battery chargers over the last year and finally spoke with technical support at NOCO.Basically, they told me…

  2. asolo says:

    Excellent device. I regard as must-have. I’ve been hoping for something like this for years. If you’ve ever been stranded by a dead car battery or rescued a loved one who has been, you’ll understand when I say this device is very inexpensive for what it does. If I ran a service garage, I’d use this to test every car that came into my shop for free. The most useful test of battery condition takes less than 60 seconds start-to-finish.I can accomplish most of what this device does with my multimeter (Fluke) and min/max…

  3. Amazon Customer NY says:

    Fabulous Product! A Must Have! I never really had an effective way to determine the health of my car batteries. Now with the Solar BA9 the answer is only seconds away. For the first time I know with certainty if a battery is good, bad or somewhere in between. I previously thought that a good voltage reading was a great indicator of battery health. Not so! I now know that it is CCA (cold cranking amps) that provides the real answer. The BA9 tells you quickly if your battery is producing enough CCA’s to be reliable and…