Smart Phone Sticky Pad AND Multiple Angle Viewing. Eliminates glare. Use GPS w/phone . Watch movies. WON BEST NEW DESIGN.

StepNGrip is a leader in the traction industry. We provide the best traction products using our proprietary sticky gel. Be sure to search Amazon for “StepNGrip” products as we have many product offerings. Our gel will not melt in the sun as many cheaper imitations do. We are the best.

Product Features

  • Place in groove to allow ANGLE VIEWING. Eliminates glare from sun. Ideal for GPS and movies.
  • Great for all smart phones (excluding Iphone6 Plus) — lay phone flat, or place at different angles when using GPS or movies. Highest quality. Durable thick gel. Super smart design. Use scissors to make slot wider for phone with extra thick cases – see photo gallery.
  • Use oil or dust from hands to adjust stickiness – dust and oil from hands lower the tackiness. Securely holds small items within easy reach, clean with soap water for renewable grip
  • Fits phones with cases as well. Arch gel pad backwards to widen slots for large phone cases. Washable, Removable, Reusable. Don’t place on dash with recent application of Armor All. Nothing sticks to Armor All.
  • 6 inches high by 4 inches wide. Highest quality thick gel pad. As with any gel product, avoid extreme hot conditions. The entire pad is made of silicone gel.

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3 Responses to Smart Phone Sticky Pad AND Multiple Angle Viewing. Eliminates glare. Use GPS w/phone . Watch movies. WON BEST NEW DESIGN.

  1. Dean Pennington "dwpenn in AZ" says:

    Very versatile, not for every climate (heat advisory). This will hold a variety of devices upended and also in the trough, so it’s very versatile. I particularly liked that this is wider in the trough than some so it holds a wider variety of products/shapes. It comes with a message listed as item #3 on a piece of paper packed with the product, I don’t think the point of #3 was stressed that much in the sales ad. Specifically that this material will actually melt down under extreme heat. I had this happen and all of what melted did not clean from my…

  2. Elizabeth C. says:

    Very sticky pad 0

  3. Jeff says:

    improvement on the basic anti skid pad. I purchased a 3 pack of the flat cling surfaces before from a different seller. I have been happy with that purchase but keep finding uses for them, so I picked up another pack of the flat pads and saw this pad listed, figured I would give it a try.This is made out of the same material but is a much thicker pad, the side ridges help additionally against turning force flinging items, though I have never had a problem with that with anything other than sunglasses on the flat pads. The…