SB-1 Ghost Box, Paranormal Spirit Voice, SB1 Spirit Box

The very first Ghost Box developed by Ghost Hunter Apps, the SB-1 is quite simply amazing. The audio segments are pulled from both US and UK period radio shows from the 1940s era out through to the year 2014. Different in appearance and with features NOT SEEN in the GB-1 or GB-RIFT, the SB-1 stands apart as an advanced Ghost Box communication tool. The SB-1 uses 4,200 micro audio files and carrier sounds to allow spirits to communicate. It reads (scans) the ISM UHF radio range “ultra high frequency” and plays the assigned file that represents Radio Frequency + Signal Strength. Bluetooth is used to scan the UHF, and when not in use the app defaults to Circuitry Disruption caused by Electromagnetic Interference via (hardware analysis). The FLUX SB-1 is classified by GHOSTHUNTERAPPSTM as an Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) paranormal device. “Using the Spirit Box I have captured what appear to be full-on conversations. I can’t explain it.” – Roberta Amezqua (Culver City CA) Supported operating systems are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows Vista.

Product Features

  • The SB-1 possesses a 2-Layered matrix, dual Audio Bank of micro phonetic and carrier audio files (thousands).
  • Bluetooth capable for radio frequency scanning of the ISM UHF range.
  • Variable Scan Rate to adjust Ghost Box audible responses.
  • Volume control to adjust loudness, perfect for any environment.
  • Signal Modulation, Phase Modulation, Angle Modulation controls.

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  1. T. New "" says:

    i was absolutely stuned to find a spirit box so … 0

  2. Denise Lee AKA GHOST GAZETTE & The Mystic Ry... says:

    Spirit Box SB-1 is awesum I love it!! 0