RonEcos VX701P Safety Alert Warns 15-Band Performance Radar Detector (BLUE)

Product Description

The RonEcos VX701P- 15- band radar detector with UltraBright data display, has an ultra compact design with an improved range for high performance with refined style. The VX701P features a digital signal strength meter to provide relative proximity to the target, city/highway selector to reduce the frequency of falsing in densely populated urban areas, VG-2 undetectable/alert, Spectre1 undetectable/alert,


Voltage: 12V

Working distance: 0.3-2.5M

Current: 150 – 300MA

Frequency: 2.4GHz±410MHZ

OSD Language:English,Russian

Easy to install and use

Voice alert

Detect any mobile Radia Speed Monitor

Support Band

X K Ka Ku VG-2 band

VG-2:11.150GHZ +/- 175MHz

X-band:10.525GHz +/- 25MHz

K-band:24.150GHz +/- 100MHz

Ka-band:33.890GHz +/- 750MHz

Ku-band:3400GHz +/- 75MHz

Package Include:

1* Radar detector

1* Car charger for VX791

1* Anti-slip mat

1* User manual

Product Features

  • Detect any mobile Radia Speed Monitor
  • City/ Highway modes allows the user to select operating mode which reduces the frequency of falsing in densely populated urban areas
  • Voice alert, support LX/K/KA/KU/New K/Laser Band/VG-2
  • English/Russian Language alert,
  • The technology is from Korean ,More high-tech design and more stable,The device won’t make false alerting for the signals from the automatic door, or packing lot entrance.

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