Ring Solar Panel

Solar Panel For Stick Up Camera

Product Features

  • Non-Stop Solar Power for Stick Up Cam
  • Quick and easy install
  • Weather resistant
  • Adjustable mounting bracket

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3 Responses to Ring Solar Panel

  1. Corpus Delecti says:

    The Good, The Bad and the Moderately Unattractive. I have been doing research on wireless exterior options for some time now trying to find out what the best solution was for me. I own the Ring.Com doorbell and was really happy with it so I thought these would be a nice exterior monitoring suite to add to my already successful doorbell. From what I have seen there really aren’t that many out there doing the battery option. Arlo seems to be the main competitor and from the reviews I have read the battery life on those is not great and can be…

  2. Timmothy Boyd says:

    Awesome I got the stick up camera instead of the doorbell because my wired doorbell location is not ideal. The day after I installed it I got a notification that there was movement at my door. I look, and see a lost dog on my porch. I was able to find the panicking dog’s owner and reunite them.I bought it to allow my wife to see who is at the door, and talk to them via the two-way audio without having to open the door when she is home alone with our kids (I travel for work). Works perfectly…

  3. RellBell902 says:

    We Now Have Live View! Updated 7.13I received a notification yesterday from Ring that Live View is now working for the stickup cam. This makes the product five stars for me now. This was the one thing that I was waiting for to make me really love this product and I’m happy they added it.One thing to note is that if you are going to be frequently using live view I would suggest getting the solar panel. I have it and love it. We have it mounted on our deck where we get alot of sun and the cord…