RENOGY 50 Watts 12 Volts Polycrystalline Solar Bundle Kit

Sometimes we all need to recharge our batteries whether we are camping, wanting to go off the grid, or are just looking to power some appliances. Our Renogy 50W Polycrystalline Bundle comes with components that you will need to expand on a system you may already have, or just need some items to complete your system. Our 50W Polycrystalline solar panel, 9in MC4 Adaptor Kit, and 10A PWM charge controller are included. Keep in mind that this kit allows for the charge controller to be close to the solar panel so depending on your situation, you may still need an extension cable or longer wiring. This bundle kit can be the perfect option for creating an off-grid solar system!

Product Features

  • One Renogy 50W polycrystalline solar panel
  • One 10Amp PWM charge controller
  • One 9in MC4 connector adaptor kit with MC4 male and female connector
  • Suitable for commercial and power station property
  • Fully self powered off-grid systems

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3 Responses to RENOGY 50 Watts 12 Volts Polycrystalline Solar Bundle Kit

  1. Brian B. Donaldson says:

    Installed on boat for battery maintenance. I purchased this product for use on my sailboat. The panel is installed on the stern (back) rail and connected to a wet cell (lead acid) motorcycle battery. This battery runs my electronics while I am out sailing. The electronics include VHF DSC radio, autopilot, and two GPS terminals (one for the DSC radio and one for the autopilot). At night, I have cabin lights and maybe navigation lights along with the electronics if still on.When I initially connected the battery to the…

  2. Tommyz says:

    Panel is great quality and puts out a ton of power Puts out 13.2v even in the shade. Currently use 24AH total between 2 batteries that charge up from 40% to full in almost no time at all. The charger works, but is a bit confusing on the programing since there really is no instructions on what to do with programming. I took one star off for the lack of controller instructions, and one of the connectors was really tight, have to use a screw driver to get apart.I bought solely for the panel, and needing to upgrade to a bit larger…

  3. Scott D. Martin says:

    Great Starter/Demo Kit I’m a solar energy professional who designs and permits grid-tied solar electric systems. I purchased this small off grid poly-crystalline battery charging kit to make a simple demo of some direct PV applications like water pumping and DC fan operation, DC battery based applications like lighting and cell phone charging, and to demonstrate using an inverter for AC applications.I also use the 50W panel as a show and tell piece to demonstrate the effects of shading on a PV panel and…