Renogy 1000W 12V Off-Grid Pure-Sine Wave Battery Inverter w/ Cables

A power inverter is an electrical device that transforms the DC power stored in batteries into standard household AC power for a user’s electronic needs. The Renogy 1000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter delivers superior performance for off-grid applications. As a pure sine wave inverter, it is capable of producing cleaner, smoother, quieter, and more reliable electricity to operate tools, fans, lights, and other electronics without any interference.

Product Features

  • Offers high quality waveform with little harmonic distortion.
  • Overload protection for both DC input and AC output to prevent damage to the components and the unit.
  • Special LED indicators for under-voltage and over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, over-load protection, and short circuit indication.
  • High-speed ventilation fans to help keep the inverter running at a low temperature. Two 110 Volt AC outlets allow for the operation of more than one appliance simultaneously.
  • Comes with a pair of 2ft. 4AWG inverter cables to connect the inverter to battery and powering remote.

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3 Responses to Renogy 1000W 12V Off-Grid Pure-Sine Wave Battery Inverter w/ Cables

  1. IreviewstuffIbuy says:

    Renogy a brand you can trust. This was pretty Awesome, I couldn’t believe a power inverter that actually works properly. I had a piece of junk power inverter from harbor freight rated at 1500 watts and the piece the junk won’t start a 700 watt microwave or a 100watt fridge that draws only 400 watts starting. I wanted to light it on fire. This one is amazing, it actually ran a microwave first try! I mean i know it was suppose to but with all the sub par electronics being sold today you never really know what you are getting…

  2. queenbee says:

    Worked great

  3. D. Jones says:

    Unit failed quickly and company response was zero!