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Splash! The upgraded Velocity Wave is here to make all other remote control boats for pools and lakes eat wake! Cruise at 25+ MPH and make crazy jumps and cuts with Capsize Recovery to keep your RC boat afloat. Check out these high-tech remote control boat features:

Bonus Battery – Get 2 big 7.4v 600mAh Li-ion RC boat batteries

Water-Cooled Engine – Wave RC boats are built for speed

Capsize Recovery – A flick of your wrist and this speed boat is back in the race

Long-Range LCD Display – Keep an eye on RC boat battery power and more

Double-Hatch Design – Seals in your RC boat engine

Emergency Stop – Fast RC boats need good brakes

Cool Extras – Comes with dry-dock stand, nose guard, extra propeller and prop lube

Fast RC Boats? “Wave” Goodbye!

THE WAVE CAN SAVE YA. At 20+ MPH, this could be the fastest RC boat; an impressive addition to the Force1 remote control boat fleet!

CAPSIZE RECOVERY + ANTI-TILT HULL. Our latest design is the most stable remote control boat yet; great RC boats for kids and RC boats for adults you can right if they tip.

LONG-RANGE LCD REMOTE. 2.4 GHz remote features LCD signal, power and trim displays, and Left/Right Throttle Switch Mode for easy RC boat piloting.

Do “The Wave”

DOUBLE-HATCH ACTION. Keep the water out of your RC boat with our super-sealed speed boat design.WATER-COOLED HIGH-TORQUE RC BOAT ENGINE. The Wave uses wake water to keep its big remote control boat engine cool. How cool is that?

COOL KIDS POOL TOYS. Force1 remote control boats for pools and lakes are for freshwater use only and should be used with care – they’re super-fast RC boats!

Captain the Velocity Wave and leave all those other boring pool toys for adults and kids in your wake!DELUXE CONTROL + LCD DISPLAY. Adjust trim, switch throttle sticks and monitor RC boat signal and power on the long-range 2.4 GHz LCD boat remote controller.


Product Features

  • BLAST PAST OTHER REMOTE CONTROL BOATS for KIDS and ADULTS AT 20 MPH OR FASTER: Put other remote controlled boats to shame with these fast high speed boat toys for boys and girls; Race multiple RC boats with no interference using the 4 channel speed boat remote control
  • MAKE WAVES with FUN MOTORIZED REMOTE BOATS FOR KIDS and ADULTS: These radio controlled rc boats for adults and kids are NOT for saltwater use; Pilot these remote control boats for pools and lakes with care in outdoor/indoor pools w/ liners; These durable electric racing boats are equipped with premium single-prop motors to go super fast
  • RADIO CONTROL BOAT with EASY SELF RIGHTING KEEPS THE FUN GOING: Sturdy design, simple flip capsize recovery and easy controls make these awesome RC boats for kids or adults; Great gifts for boys and girls who love camping
  • OUTDOOR ADVENTURE AWAITS: The Velocity remote speed boat comes with an extra rechargeable RC boat battery, dry-dock stand, nose guard, extra propeller and prop lube to get you back in the race fast
  • ADULTS and KIDS REMOTE CONTROL BOAT with ASSURED QUALITY: Cruise happy with this remote control speedboat; We’re happy to provide a full refund if you’re not tickled pink with our RC boats for adults and kids

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A lot of fun comes with some drawbacks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    More fun than I expected Don’t confuse the 5-star for me comparing this to a 200.00+ brushless boat.For what it is (brushed motor and all) at the price, it’s a great bargain. I don’t know how long it will last but it took some pretty tough head-on crashes with another RC boat, and was run into a dock and a rowboat a few times without any damage to the body. Still watertight.I’d give it 5 stars, but the instructions are a little vague about when to lubricate. Should I have done that before…

  3. Anonymous says:

    So fast and powerful! Ok this boat is fast! i absolutely love it, i kept trying to get a good video of it on the lake but it whipped by so fast that the video was blurry.Originally i bought this boat for my 12 yr old son for his birthday.He was so happy when he opened it and saw what it was. We wanted to try it out right away but you are supposed to charge the batteries first.Once we knew it was fully charged the next day we took it down to the lake to test it out.It takes a bit to get used…

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