Rand McNally TND740 LM IntelliRoute 7″ GPS Truck Navigator Lifetime Map Updates

In a sleek new package, the TNDTM 740 is the newest edition of Rand McNally’s classic, trusted GPS navigation for commercial trucking. This fully redesigned, fifth generation TNDTM device features a lightning quick, quad-core processor, double the storage capacity, and more. An updated user interface and magnetic mount makes the TNDTM 740 easier to use while on the road. Fast, quad-core processor for lightning quick updates. Double the memory at 1GB. Twice as much storage capacity with 16GB. Vivid higher resolution LCD display. Overhauled user interface. Updated maps, POIs, and map design with easy-to-read icons. A magnetic mount powers the device and allows for quick and easy removal. Audio-out capability enables sound through truck audio systems. Seamless over-the-air updates for maps, construction, and software. Includes Lifetime Maps and Traffic Everywhere. Pre-loaded with Rand McNally’s DriverConnect logbook app and Bluetooth capability to pair with ELD 50® and DC 200TM plug-ins. Truck Info – Truck-specific routing based on your truck’s height, width, and length and load type. Timers & Mileage – Record your fuel and mileage for tax reporting purposes. View by date or by state/province. Virtual Dashboard – Easily access key metrics to monitor progress and productivity, such as sunrise and sunset time, trip progress, and yard time; keep track of mileage with multiple odometers. Multi-stop routing – Add up to 50 stops and preview the entire route; optimize routing for up to 10 stops. “Bread-crumb” trails – Record and display the paths you’ve traveled, on or off roads. Calendar and notepad

Product Features

  • 7″ Truck GPS Plus Tools
  • Truck Routing with Weather, Construction
  • Over-the-Air Updates
  • Powered Magnetic Mount with GPS Boost
  • Advanced Lane Guidance and Lane Assist

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One Response to Rand McNally TND740 LM IntelliRoute 7″ GPS Truck Navigator Lifetime Map Updates

  1. Traxx1 says:

    The best GPS for the truck driver I’ve been using the Rand McNally GPS for quite a few years now from the 720 to the 730 and now the 740. I love this GPS! It is lightning fast and gives you two choices on which route you want to take in about 2 seconds or so… nice. I am an OTR Truck Driver and find all the options that Rand McNally has included in this product are exactly the options I am looking for in making my drive easier and less stressful. The over-the-air updating of the GPS is very nice as I do not have to connect…