Rand McNally TND 510 Intelliroute Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps

The best got even better. Rand McNally continues to innovate and upgrade its award-winning devices designed just for trucks. The IntelliRoute TND 510 has a sleeker design and a brighter screen to enhance in-cab use. It features Rand McNally’s proprietary truck data, offering 35% more truck routing information than other GPS units.

Product Features

  • Bright 5-inch screen
  • Truck-specific routing
  • Virtual Dashboard
  • Real-time traffic compatible
  • Destination by latitude and longitude

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2 Responses to Rand McNally TND 510 Intelliroute Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps

  1. Rob Martin says:

    Rand McNally vs. Garmin, read this and then decide Before we start, let me tell you my background. I’ve been a truck driver for almost 4 years and although I use a GPS in a regular basis I have ample knowledge of map usage and know most routes in the Midwest and the East coast. I own a Garmin and have been using it for about 2 years. I am also a trainer so I get to use the Rand McNally every time a student brings one in the truck with him. So although I don’t get to use it much, I’ve used it long enough to know the main features. Also, I run…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    If only, if only… I got my first TND 510 about a month after I began professional truck driving. I love its features, I love its precision, though some addresses are out of date or missing, I love its nice big 5″ screen, I love that I can easily search for truck stops, scales, Wal-Marts…I hate that I have had two units fail the same way. Each of the two units I have had have died the same way. I had them for a few days, then decided I would install the TND Dock software that comes with it and…