Pyle PLCMRV8B Rearview Backup Parking/Reverse Camera, Waterproof Night Vision Cam

The Pyle PLCMRV Camera System comes equipped with a rugged waterproof mountable camera and connection cable. This durable commercial grade rearview backup camera system features LED Night Vision Illumination, angle adjustable camera lens, marine grade weatherproof construction and distance scale line display output — which is perfect for reversing or backing up into tight parking spaces and loading docks. The camera is designed for your Bus, Trailer, Van, Truck, Big Rig or similar vehicle with 12-24 Volt power systems. It’s universally mountable so it can be installed virtually anywhere on the exterior of your vehicle. This assisted driving camera system Includes all necessary cables and wiring for installation, including a 50′ foot 4-pin video connection cable. Drive safer and smarter with the Pyle PLCMRV Rearview Backup Reverse Camera.

Product Features

  • Rearview Backup Parking/Reverse Camera Designed for 12-24 Volt Vehicle Systems
  • Marine Grade Waterproof Camera – Night Vision Illumination – Distance Scale Line Display
  • Universal Exterior Mountable: Ability to be Mounted in the Front or Rear of Vehicle
  • Angle Adjustable Camera – Full Color Auto Picture Image Adjustment – 4-Pin Video Connection
  • Includes All Necessary Cables & Wiring (for Trailer, Bus, Camper, Motor Home, Truck, RV, Big Rig, etc.)

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