Protect Motor Home RV Vehicle 720p Video Recorder Cam HD Infrared DVR

Installing your own state-of-the-art hidden security system, along with a motion sensor, cameras, wiring, monitor, and DVR system doesn’t have to cost a fortune, nor do you have to hire a commercial grade security company to install it. This DIY project will be a snap with the HomeSecur and will only cost you a fraction of what the commercial businesses want to charge you for their services.

Triggered by the motion sensor, it captures stealing nannies, misbehaving teenagers, and unwelcome intruders in the act, recording them onto a MicroSD memory card that can hold weeks of video data. Its design mimics the appearance of standard burglar alarm systems, making it easily overlooked by those who might try to cover their tracks.

  • RCA Output – For real-time monitoring or simply help identify what HomeSecur is doing.
  • Time and Date – Video watermark and file creation date.
  • Wireless Remote Control – Quick convenient way to activate or deactivate your system
  • Common Memory Card – Compatible with 8GB – 32GB MicroSD
  • Small – 3 ¾ in. x 2 ¼ in. x 1 in.
  • Product Features

  • HD Video / Audio – The HomeSecur records at (720p) 1280×720 resolution at 30 frames per second (FPS) and microphone picks up rich clear audio, giving you the ability to see and hear everything that happens. We use a 2.8mm pinhole Sony CCD lens with imaging processor offering a brand we can trust.
  • Day and Night – Nobody will pass by this DVR Camera under cover of darkness. Hidden infrared allows the HomeSecur to see everything at night. And since infrared ray can’t be picked up by the human eye, subjects won’t know they’re being recorded.
  • InstaDetect – This unique feature is the special sauce for the HomeSecur. The millisecond the motion sensor sees any shadow cast or light changes its already recording. Basically pixel tracking and sensor detecting equates to Super Motion Detection. (Patent Pending)
  • Covert Decoy Design – Built to emulate a standard home security alarm sensor, the HomeSecur will be disregarded by many. It’s a hidden camera hiding in plain sight. That means maids, nannies, cleaning services, and other guests who have access to your house won’t think otherwise. Better yet they’ll unsuspectingly do what they normally do.
  • Loop 24/7 Record – For a typical low activity room expect up to 30 days or more before filling up a 32GB memory card. Once full it can overwrite the oldest data first in a cycle loop record.

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