Premium 7” Inches Rearview Car LCD Monitor By Pyle – Parking Monitor Assistant With Wireless Remote Control – Full Color Wide Screen – Can Be Installed In Headrest Post (PLHR70)

Get Your Hands On This Grade A Quality Car Parking Camera Assistant By Pyle Today & Make Your Driving Life Easier!

Are you looking for a quality accessory that can assist you when you park your car?

Or maybe you are a professional truck, van or bus driver that wants a trustworthy tool to help them with their work?

Whichever your case, you’re in luck! Pyle has got just the thing you’re looking for!

Introducing PLHR70 – Rear View Mirror Monitor Complete Installation Kit Set By Pyle!

This high quality car parking camera provides you with a convenient vehicle video display placement. The 7” full color LCD monitor apart from offering you exceptional images, also features dual RCA video inputs and it allows you to connect a second video source! Configuring your video is a piece of cake; either use the wireless remote control or the front panel button controls!

Ideal Must-Have Car Accessory For All Drivers!

Either you’re a professional driver that owns a truck, bus or van or just somebody that has a car or an RV and doesn’t exactly love to park, our fully complete parking assist camera set is your perfect solution!

And if you’re a bit of a Schumacher yourself, then you can always get it for your wife or your best friend – both as a practical and thoughtful gift, and as a subtle and humorous innuendo about their parking skills!

Excellent Material Quality & Construction!

To stand out from the crowd in such a wide and demanding market as car accessories, using superior quality materials isn’t an option; it’s an obligation. Because we, at Pyle, don’t aim in just selling our products – our true goal is to earn our customers’ trust and loyalty!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Place Your Order Now – Our Stock Won’t Last Forever!

Product Features

  • PARK SAFELY & EFFORTLESSLY! – With this unique rearview camera monitor, you will now be able to easily park your car or automobile even in the tiniest parking spots, without risking damaging it and ruining your day or night!
  • UNIVERSAL VEHICLE ACCESSORY! – It doesn’t matter which car model you own, with its dimensions measuring 7.6″W x 5.2″H x 1.0″D, this exquisite parking camera can be used in a multitude of vehicles and is guaranteed to make your life a lot easier
  • OUTSTANDING IMAGE QUALITY! – With a full color, wide screen, 7″ inches, high quality LCD Display, our car rear view monitor will give you an excellent idea of your surroundings, providing you with excellent image quality!
  • FULL COMPLETE INSTALLATION PACKAGE! – It comes to you with everything you need; wireless remote control, wiring harness, stand and a housing shroud – so it can also be installed in your headrest via shroud housing case frame (power: DV 12V)!
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION QUALITY! – We, at Pyle, make a point of using just the best quality materials and up-to-date construction processes for our rearview mirror monitors, so that we can be sure they will rise up to your highest standards!

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3 Responses to Premium 7” Inches Rearview Car LCD Monitor By Pyle – Parking Monitor Assistant With Wireless Remote Control – Full Color Wide Screen – Can Be Installed In Headrest Post (PLHR70)

  1. F.M.E.A. says:

    Good value. Easy setup

  2. John H. says:

    Large viewing area monitor offers two inputs and aspect ratio adjustment. This monitor was in continuous use last summer for 6 months. Not only was it my back up camera, I wired it to operate continuously so I could use it as a rear view mirror on my Motor home. It was a vast improvement because many motor homes like mine can not see very well behind them no matter how many mirrors they have. I added a second camera to the extra input and could switch to that view when needed during backing. Probably one of the best safety items I have installed on the motor…

  3. thewheelman says:

    Nice, very nice! Works as described! Very good display for my use–I have a camera on the rear of my van and this operates as my rear-view mirror all the time. The reverse trigger is great as it switches to another camera just for that purpose. I wish it had an easier to use dimmer on it. It’s a little bright for night-time comfort, and punching the menu button and dimming it is a little much while going down the road. Would be nice if it had an auto-dimmer like the gps monitors do. Otherwise, it’s a…