Power Bright PW3500-12 Power Inverter 3500 Watt 12 Volt DC To 110 Volt AC

A 12-volt power inverter converts 12-volt DC power or direct current to standard AC power or alternating current, which allows you to run electrical equipment off your car or marine battery for mobile applications. The 3,500-Watt 12-Volt Modified Sine Wave Inverter from Power Bright provides 29.2A, a no-load draw of < .2A and four 3-prong AC outlets. This inverter also has an anodized aluminum case for durability, an LED display that shows input and output wattages, built-in cooling fan, internal 30A spade-type fuses and an overload indicator. It includes an audible low-voltage alarm and will shut down in case of overload, thermal or short circuit problems.

Product Features

  • Anodized Aluminum Case Provides Durability
  • Led Display Shows Input & Output Wattages
  • Built-in Cooling Fan
  • 3500 watts continuous power
  • 7000 watts peak power
  • Heavy Duty

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3 Responses to Power Bright PW3500-12 Power Inverter 3500 Watt 12 Volt DC To 110 Volt AC

  1. Omni says:

    Excellent. Does what I needed and more. No cons. I use this inverter for powering power tools on construction jobs. It has taken the place of an 1800 watt gas generator. Wish I made the switch years ago. This inverter easily powers large 1/2″ electric drills and most any other power tools without any problem at all. Setup quick connects, also available on Amazon, to my truck battery. All the other contractors are also amazed. Never again will I use a heavy smelly generator. The unit is lightweight, easily moved to different trucks with…

  2. Jeff Contractor says:

    Suprised I am a business owner who builds custom wooden crates and skids on site for the moving and shipping industry. Bought this hoping to eliminate the need for a loud exhaust puffing generator that can be hard to start in winter to power saws drills and air compressors in a small van that does smaller jobs throughout the city of Chicago. Plan was to hook it up to the existing battery in van and run all equipment while the vehicle idles.I must say it generates the power needed to power a 3/4…

  3. Chris DIYer says:

    Initial review…finally! Done messing with Whistler. Check out my set up in the Customer Images section above. Installation went well. I had to mount it vertically because of space limitations.INITIAL THOUGHTS:- It is big, heavy, and built strong- Amazon 2-day shipping is great. Double boxed. No issues.- Binding posts are larger and use a standard 1/2″ nut…nice!- Very small chassis grounding post- No cables, but no biggie. I am using 0-gauge to my six-pack battery bank-…