POTEK 500W Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Car Adapter with 2 5V/2A USB Charging Output

Potek: A better choice for Power inverter Potek always concentrated on providing power inverters with the better quality and performance for multiple loads and majority of household appliances or camping equipment. Processional help will be applied when you need us, just one click away. Specifications: •Provide 500 watts continuous output power and 1000 watts peak output power  •Dual AC outlets for you to power up multiple devices on the go. •Dual USB outlets allow you to charge devices such your cells, watches,cameras etc.. •12V DC to 115V AC Power Inverter.  •Source battery protection: Will shut down if battery becomes to low, also with a sound alarm •Suitable for most AC loads,includes lights,appliances,motors,TV and most electronics •Fan starts working if output power over 200W •AC Outlet Standard: North American  •Dimension:7.09″*4.13″*2.2″ (L*W*H ) The POTEK power inverter produces a modified sine wave output which can run most of capacitive/inductive/resistive loads  Some charges for battery packs used in power tools also be able to start with an inverter Contained in the box: •1x 500W Power Inverter •1xCar Cigarette Plug •2xCar Battery Clip •2xBattery Clamp •1xUser Manual Support: Our support will be professional and friendly, if you need help anytime or anywhere, we are always one click away. Warranty: 2 Years Limited Warranty, See Details on the Instruction Guide in the Box.

Product Features

  • Potek power inverter. Converts 12V DC from your car lighter socket/car battery to 500W AC outlets and USB outlets with compact and lightweight design
  • Dual AC outlets Dual 5V/2A USB outlets car charger,widely used for most AC loads,such as cell phone,PSP, Laptop,digital camera, vidicon, TV, CD player ETC..
  • Intelligent Cooling Fan only works if output power is over 200W, Keep quiet while using low power appliances.
  • Protection:auto shutdown to protect your car and power inverter if over load, short circuit or over/low battery
  • Digital display: Show exact input voltage,output voltage and output wattage

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One Response to POTEK 500W Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Car Adapter with 2 5V/2A USB Charging Output

  1. Anonymous says:

    This POTEK 500w power inverter was exactly what I was looking for so I can run multiple things to keep my little kids occupied while I am driving with them where ever we go. If you have to work on your vehicle on these hot summer days you, you can also plug in a fan to keep you cool. This POTEK power inverter has two different ways you can draw your power, you have the battery claps and the cigarette lighter plug. With the adapters being the easy…