Peak PKC0BU4 4.3-Inch Wireless Back-Up Camera

Peak PKC0BU4 4.3-Inch Wireless Back-Up Camera offers a safer way to back-up. The system includes full 4.3-inch LCD color monitor with adjustable mounting arm and suction cup. It securely affixes to the windshield with suction cup mounts for easy-to-see rear coverage. A weatherproof camera mounts to license plate frame and offers 110-Degree viewing angle. The Camera system installs on most vehicles in just minutes, and includes a standby with auto-on mode when the camera is on. It is perfect for cars, SUVs, trucks, RVs, towing boats, campers, and trailers.

Product Features

  • Full 4.3-Inch LCD Color Monitor with Adjustable Mounting Arm and Suction Cup
  • Weatherproof Camera Mounts to License Plate Frame and Offers 110-Degree Viewing Angle
  • Camera System Installs On Most Vehicles in Just Minutes
  • Standby with Auto-On Mode when Camera Is On
  • Perfect For Cars, SUVS, Trucks, RVS, Towing Boats, Campers and Trailers

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2 Responses to Peak PKC0BU4 4.3-Inch Wireless Back-Up Camera

  1. T. Rose says:

    Will not work if your vehicle has bluetooth – DO NOT BUY I installed the unit in my truck. Very simple install, but you do have to cut into your wiring harness to get access to the backup light power and ground. Expected that. After I installed everything, I tried it out. There was so much interference, the connection between the monitor and the camera would drop out. I tried moving the antennae outside of the truckbed frame – no difference. I called the tech support line. Let it ring for over 30 rings before someone finally answered (no…

  2. Lakehouse says:

    Safety First – Backup or Blind Spot Primary use is a blind spot camera. The wireless connectivity allows mounting in any appropriate or desired location, making it perfect for blind spot detection.Camera can be mounted in any position as the screen module allows rotating in 90 deg increments for a full revolution.The screen is clear and bright with adjustments for brightness and contrast. Cockpit mounting location is important so the image does not wash out in direct sunlight. The backup path image is…