Mobilistics 9 Pin Deutsch to OBD2 Y Splitter Truck GPS

6 Pin Truck Y Adapter 1 MALE to 2 FEMALE. Simply remove the existing Deutsch 9 pin connector from its mounting location and install the Y adapter mount to the existing mounting location. Plug the other 9 pin Female end of this adapter into the existing 9 Pin Male connector, and then the OBD2 Female end to a Tracking device or other OBD2 reporting or blue tooth accessory. Great for hiding tracking and mobile electronics, while leaving the access to the vehicles computer for downloading and accessing vehicle codes.

Product Features

  • Deutsch 9 Pin to OBD2 (OBDII) T Splitter (Y adapter) for Trucks
  • Mounts in existing 9 pin hole location
  • All 9 pin leads pass through
  • Perfect for GPS tracker or other device
  • Quality Factory Grade Connectors

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