Magellan RoadMate 9212T-LM

The new RoadMate 9212T-LM is top-in-class navigator. The extra-large 7″ high-resolution touchscreen makes viewing easier while driving. You also get premium features such as Free Lifetime Map Updates, Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts. Also, the 9212T-LM is compatible with the award-winning Magellan Wireless Back-up Camera for added safety while backing out of your driveway and ease of parallel parking. (camera sold separately).

Magellan’s next generation features make navigation easier. With the new Landmark Guidance feature, you receive directions using landmarks as your guide, making it a more intuitive way to navigate. You’ll hear instructions like “In 200 feet, turn left at the Shell Gas Station”. The upgraded Junction View feature provides you with realistic images of freeway signs and arrows to guide you to the correct lane, making driving easier, safer and less stressful. Traffic Camera Alerts, provided by PhantomALERT, help to avoid traffic tickets by providing audible and visual warnings that alert you to fixed red lights and speed cameras along your route. PhantomALERT upgrades are available for an extra cost which include alerts for: dangerous curves, blackspots (high accident areas), school zones, and dangerous intersections.

Best Parking is a great feature that makes parking in the city much easier. Best Parking provides parking garage locations with both their hours of operation and the location of their entrance. With a touch, choose a garage that is close to your destination and you are guided directly to the entrance. No more searching for how to get in! The included AAA TourBook® gives you detailed information on hotels, restaurants, and attractions so that you have the information you need to make your destination decisions. And what happens if you break down out on the road? On the special “Where am I?” screen you’ll have your present location given for the tow truck driver, the AAA phone number, and your pre-entered AAA membership number. You’ll have the necessary information when you need it most.

The OneTouch Favorites Menu gives you immediate access to your favorite addresses, preferred places and favored searches. QuickSpell® automatically assists to find your target destination. SayWhere technology speaks the street names throughout the preloaded premium maps of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The RoadMate 9212T-LM provides an intuitive navigation experience to make your daily driving safer and hassle-free”

Product Features

  • 7″ High definition Touch Screen Display: Extra-large, vibrant, display with day and night views for easy visibility. Perfect for all cars, RVs, SUVs and trucks”
  • Free Lifetime Traffic & Map Updates: Receive real-time traffic updates sent directly to your GPS unit which help avoid traffic jams and other delays. Free Lifetime Map updates allow you to download the latest maps for the life of your Magellan RoadMate navigator
  • Landmark Guidance: Receive directions using 9 categories of landmarks as your guide, making it a more intuitive way to navigate
  • Traffic Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT: Receive audible and visual warnings of red light and speed cameras along your route, provided by PhantomALERT

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3 Responses to Magellan RoadMate 9212T-LM

  1. David says:

    Good size for old eyes On Magellan’s website it says it is Bluetooth compatible-it is not.Out of the box to make it go you will need an AC charger not supplied to charge the battery.Your laptop computer to upgrade the maps.It’s slower than my friends Garmin for telling you turns. This is only noticeable if you have a road and driveway right next to each other.I really like it. It got me on an 800 mile trip without getting lost.Complaints I’ve seen posted was the bracket lets it droop…

  2. Ricardo Customs says:

    Updated review. The 7″ touch screen is the biggest one I’ve ever used and it makes it easy to see directions, points of interests and to input destinations. It has a lot of features and is perfect for road trips as well as daily driving.Updated review – had it for 5 months & it just died!Contacted magellan customer service about the problem I was having, answered a dozen questions about what happened when it died and they were absolutely no help. Unit is still under factory warranty…

  3. Stephen McClellan says:

    Lack-luster GPS If I coould go back in time I would not buy this GPS over again. It may be big as Oprah’s ass back in 1995, but sluggish controls, latency concerns, and a labyrinthy maze of indecipherable pay and free update programs drag this GPS down into the pits of despair.PROS:-it’s huge, at 7″-good price to be 7″-can be used vertically or horizontal depending on preference or are on foot-PoI can be set fairly well-fairly accurateCONS:-it’s…