Magellan 5370T-LMB RoadMate 5-Inch Truck GPS

Magellan RoadMate Commercial 5370T-LMB 5-inch Truck GPS with Free Lifetime Maps & Real-Time Traffic Alerts

Product Features

  • Truck Specific Routing -Customize by vehicle dimensions and hazardous materials restrictions
  • Multiple Driver Login and Duty Reports -Log your hours of service, duty status and record state mileage
  • Safety navigation features include -Landmark Guidance, Lane Assist, Speed Limit warnings, Traffic Camera Alerts and more
  • Hands-Free calling via Bluetooth connection
  • Multi-destination Routing -Plan a trip with multiple stops in the order you want, or let Magellan navigator optimize the most efficient route

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One Response to Magellan 5370T-LMB RoadMate 5-Inch Truck GPS

  1. Daniel A. Cea II says:

    If you are a professional driver STAY AWAY!! 1. This along with so many other truck GPS model fails to fix that commercial vehicles ARE NOT ALLOWED ON PARKWAYS IN THE NORTHEAST US!!! Not that is just not allowed but the overpasses are purposely built to low. If you follow this GPS you will end up on a parkway and hit an overpass.2. It is hell bent on sending you to interstates even if it adds up to an hour to your trip. So watch your log because with this you will run out of hours.3. IT DOESN”T SHUT UP! It…