iRULU 800W Microprocessor Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Inverter with 4.2A Dual USB Car Adapter for Computer,Laptop,Projector and Game Console -Black

This 800W USB power inverter is ideal for all kinds of electric lights,kitchen appliances,TVs,radio,RV electric power, satellite box, mobile phone, ipad, computer, camera, and emergency equipment, industrial equipment, satellite communication equipment, ships, solar power equipment etc. Just connect the inverter to a battery, and plug your AC devices into the inverter. You’ve got portable power,whenever and wherever you need it. It comes in handy in emergencies when there is a power outage and also helpful source of energy on camping, trips, beaches and parks where conventional electricity is not available

It is with dual 110VAC outlet and dual USB ports of 4.2A, can be used in your car or boat to power devices such as laptops, video games consoles, a small television or DVD player,TV,cell phones and any other USB devices with total loading under 800W

Power:800W Rated, 1600W Peak, Dual AC outlet ,Dual USB 5V 2*2.1A
Input: DC12V, Output: AC 110V±10%/60Hz±1%
Over heat Protection: -20℃–50℃
Indicator: green work, red protection
Input Over voltage Protection: DC15.5±0.5V
Input Over voltage Alarm: DC15.1±0.5V
Input Low voltage Protection: DC9.8±0.5V
Input Low voltage Alarm:DC10.5±0.5V

Package List :
1 x 800W Power Inverter
2×Car battery clip
1 x User Manual

Optimal Use and Precautions
• For DC12V and Car ONLY, not applied for DC 24V and airplane use
• It’s normal the inverter become warm to touch while working, avoid placing the inverter in direct sunlight or next to heat-sensitive materials
• Get to know its wattage using range, not allowed high power electric devices such as hair dryer, electric heaters, curling iron and etc

Product Features

  • Provides 800 Watts continuous DC to AC power and 1600 Watts instantaneous power, featuring 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports for multi-purpose charging
  • Fast Charging – 2 USB charging ports deliver up to 4.2A currents with smart IC charging technology
  • Safety:Built-in 4*40 amps Fuse & Cooling Fan with Full-Protection.Cooling fan would ran faster when the inverter gets warmer. Reduces the noise to the least and lowers the inverter temperature ; Over voltage,Low voltage,Overload,Short circuit,Over heat,polarity reverse protection;Durable metal housing provides advanced protection from drops and bumps
  • Ultra Compact and Lightweight: ideal for use on vacations, work trips, and camping. The power inverter can be plugged into almost any vehicle
  • Contains: iRULU 800W Power Inverter,2×Car battery clips,User Manual, Our 24-month warranty and friendly customer service

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3 Responses to iRULU 800W Microprocessor Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Inverter with 4.2A Dual USB Car Adapter for Computer,Laptop,Projector and Game Console -Black

  1. JD says:

    Handles power well Just cane back from a fun-filled outing trip this weekend, involving: camping, picnic and music. This badboy was break in with so much mileage added to his first day. I never tried to overworked it that much but I would say it was a considerable amount of time and probably tortuous experience. The list of those who been to his circuits are: a mini projector which we use to show some clips, movies and some shows, used it up with laptop together while at the same time the two usb be plug is being…

  2. John says:

    Works well I order the 300W charger. I use it to charge my cell phone, laptop, and drone batteries. My phone uses the plug for fast charging and if I plug it into my USB ports in my truck, it takes sometimes 6-8 hours to charge. With this inverter, I am able to plug it in via the 110v plug and able to do fast charging on my phone. Interver does run hot and is quiet. It works great. Comes with with 12v plug or battery alligator clips. Over all, great item! I recommend getting it if you are always on the…

  3. RMrtn4619 says:

    iRULU 500W Power Inverter – a must have! I bought the iRULU 500W Power Inverter mainly to use for Camping Trips and both Mini and Extended Vacations. I always travel with my Laptop (for work and personal use) and Cell Phone and the kids have their Cell Phones and Handheld/Video Games on trips so there is ALWAYS a need to charge a device on the road, away from home and a power source. This 500W Inverter easily connects to the battery, converting DC to AC power. It has 2-110VAC outlets and 2 USB ports (4.2A) for a total loading of…