iPADKET *THE MOST DURABLE* Car Seat Headrest & Airplane Tray Table Mount Holder on the market for Apple iPad iPad2 The New iPad3 & iPad4 1 2 3 4

** All reviews in this product page are based solely on this product alone, not multiple products reviews combined.** Mounting your original iPad iPad2 iPad3 or iPad4 on your car seat headrest or on an airplane tray table just got easier. With iPADKET’s convenient pocket design, you can now instantly mount and dismount your iPad without adjusting knobs or using tools. Simply insert your iPad or iPad2 into the iPADKET and you’re ready to enjoy the iPad immediately. iPADKET will protect and secure your iPad. No more iPad sliding off the bracket or accidentally knocking your iPad off from the holder. It is simply the easiest way to mount the iPad onto your headrest or airplane tray table. iPADKET mount flushed against your headrest, no clunky mounting arm or clamp will obstructing you from getting in and out of your vehicle. Its extra long elastic strap let you wrap around airplane tray table with ease and slide the mount to your desire viewing position. iPADKET will also work with the original iPad, iPad2, iPad3 or iPad4 with a cases that has a cover flap. Simple insert the cover flap into the iPadket instead of the iPad. iPadket will accommodate cover flap with a width dimensions of 245mm or less.

Product Features

  • iPADKET *THE MOST DURABLE and EASIEST* iPad mounting solution on the market for your CAR HEADREST or AIRPLANE TRAY TABLE – No tools required for installation – Mount or Dismount iPADKET instantly
  • iPADKET Patent Pending detachable wide elastic strap & convenient DROP-IN pocket design provides INSTANT mounting & dismounting for your iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, new iPad or any iPad secured in a notebook style case
  • Extra wide & long elastic velcro strap allow a secure, stable mounting, enable iPADKET to move up and down for suitable viewing angle and the long elastic strap allow you to wrap around airplane tray table with ease
  • Solid HARD protective casing surrounds your iPad to eliminate any possible dismount and its strong ABS plastic will outlast any soft material which can tear or rip after a period of usage
  • ***Any iPAD case or case with cover flap exceeded 245mm wide or 17mm thick will not fit in the iPADKET***

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2 Responses to iPADKET *THE MOST DURABLE* Car Seat Headrest & Airplane Tray Table Mount Holder on the market for Apple iPad iPad2 The New iPad3 & iPad4 1 2 3 4

  1. My Three Loves says:

    Best Value, Great Product We bought two of these ipad holders to take on our summer road trip so that our children could watch movies during the long car rides. They fit perfectly over the back headrest of both our minivan and the rented Yukon XL we drove. They are easy to use and the adjustable velcro is very tough and durable and easy to mount and stick over different sized headrests. We could even adjust the angle of the ipad, lowering it, raising it and pulling it to one side depending on which person in the row…

  2. Luv Amazen says:

    Great Mount for Cheap Price I received this item (from Imagination Productions) before the delivery estimated date which was great! Pretty solid unit. The plastic case and velcro strap seems very well built. I like it so far! This is way better than the other headrest mounts that are out there because it’s easy to insert and remove your iPad without having to unlock or twist anything. Also, most other mounts attach below the headrest so they appear too low for the kids when watching movies. Plus they cost too much because…