iMBAPrice iMBA-PS-06MF 6-Feet Gold Plated 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female Extension Stereo Audio Cable

iMBAPrice audio cables provide the perfect solution for connecting portable CD and digital audio players with 3.5mm stereo jacks to sound cards, multimedia speakers and home stereos. Our advanced design ensures maximum signal transfer and minimizes interference for a natural, more accurate sound. Our Lifetime warranty is completely backed up to ensure you your satisfaction

Product Features

  • Allows consistent signal between components using high-quality copper
  • Provides maximum conductivity and prevents corrosion with 24k gold-plated connectors and contacts
  • Produces cleaner sound by reducing EM/RF interference
  • With the Smaller Head it Connects portable audio equipment with the mini-stereo jacks on your portable CD players, digital audio players
  • Flexible high quality wiring to prevent shortage of sound over time; Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

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2 Responses to iMBAPrice iMBA-PS-06MF 6-Feet Gold Plated 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female Extension Stereo Audio Cable

  1. Lisa Ely says:

    Nothing wrong with cable after all I initially thought this extender would work well with my new headphones. Now, there is a “reverb”-like sound happening. It sounds like it is echoing. It’s not the headphones or the PC as I have tried both on different devices and they work fine. When I take the cable extender out it works fine. Plug it back in and the echo happens.UPDATE – I found out that there is technically nothing wrong with this cable other than it is the wrong style to work with my headphones. If you…

  2. Molly_Dog says:

    Finally!! Something that works!! UPDATEJust wanted to take a moment to add to my original review. This cable is still going strong despite routine plugging & unplugging & one case of Mr. Coordinated here getting his feet tangled up & yanking the connection apart. This is the way things SHOULD be manufactured!*****************************************I feel like I’ve been through all seven of Dante’s infamous layers since starting my quest to find a 3.5 mm extension cable for my headphones. Maybe…