Escort Passport X70 Radar Detector (Black)

Stay aware on the road with this Escort Passport X70 0100018-2 radar detector, which relies on laser sensors to provide long-range warning against X-, K- and Ka-band radar. Mute and automute functions lower the volume during long encounters with radar.

Product Features

  • High-performance laser sensors – Offer long-range warning against Ka Wideband, K-band and X-band radar. POP mode detects radar guns for added awareness of instant-on radar.
  • Auto Sensitivity mode -Eliminates other sources to focus on relevant radar information to provide you with the information you need.
  • Mute and automute functions – Reduce the volume during alerts for quiet operation during long radar encounters.
  • Bar graph, Expert Meter and Spec Display options – Let you organize information the way you like for easy monitoring.
  • Live Radar app (download required) – Allows you to view major speed limit changes, speed traps reported by other drivers in the area and more on your compatible iOS or Android device.

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