Escort Passport Max Limited Edition Radar Detector (Burled wood)

PASSPORT Max Limited Edition includes: soft-sided travel case, new “Sticky Cup” windshield mount, 12-volt Combo SmartCord and quick reference guide (Please note: Current Blendmounts will not work with the PASSPORT Max). If you would like a more permanent installation for your PASSPORT Max, check out the DirectWire SmartCord or the more basic DirectWire kit for hardwired installations.

Product Features

  • Fastest Response & Remarkable Accuracy
  • New Multi-Color OLED Display
  • Intuitive Controls
  • AutoLearn: Artificial Intelligence Protection
  • DEFENDER Database

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4 Responses to Escort Passport Max Limited Edition Radar Detector (Burled wood)

  1. trapeze says:

    Should You Buy This? There are a lot of great reviews of the Passport Max right now, and they seem to be fairly divided, loving or hating it with all kinds of testing and research and other detailed information thrown in on either side of the fence. Having owned radar detectors for about 25 years now, and having had Escort products for a while, I think I’ve figured out why the Passport Max both is and isn’t the greatest detector on the market today.The short answer:I am extremely happy with…

  2. motocoder says:

    Poor GPS reception ruins an otherwise good product

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    I have had the Passport Max for about three weeks and I am pretty sure that I can give it a fair evaluation at this point.First, I purchased it directly from Escort rather than from Amazon. There wasn’t an appreciable difference in price and I wanted to make absolutely sure that Escort had a record of my purchase for warranty purposes. The delivery took a few days longer than I expected (about a week) but I was in no particular hurry for it so that was mostly acceptable. Along with…