Escort Direct Wire SmartCord (Red Light)

The Escort Smart Cord – Direct Wire has key features which include mute button, alert led and power led on an inline module. It is compatible with current detector models such as Passport 8500 X50, Passport 8500, Solo S2 and Passport 7500S. It also fits the earlier detectors like the Passport 7500 and Passport 6800.

Product Features

  • In-dash power cord for radar and laser detectors
  • Includes power-on indicator, LED alert for radar and laser, and mute button
  • Installs in vehicle fuse panel and mounts within driver’s reach
  • Compatible with Passport 9500i, 8500 X50, Solo S2, and Passport 7500S models
  • Also fits earlier Passport 8500, 7500, and 6800 detectors, and newer BEL units with a modular jack

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3 Responses to Escort Direct Wire SmartCord (Red Light)

  1. Tony Yang says:

    2016 Mazda6 GT 0

  2. Kevin Nicholls says:

    Well designed, but not quite “one size fits all”. If you have an Escort or Bel radar detector with a SmartCord, this is really your only option to hardwire your detector without losing your remote display and mute button.The wires are long enough to route across the headliner, down the A pillar, and to your fuse panel. I was planning to put this in my center console, but the wires weren’t quite long enough for that.Escort makes two very big assumptions with this cord:1) You want to splice one of your 12V…

  3. Revo says:

    Perfect with the Escort 9500ix. I used this hard wire system along with a Blendmount to fully integrate my Passport 9500ix into my car as inconspicuously as possible.My car (2004 G35 Coupe) has a fuse box right at the drivers feet, just forward of the door. I used a fuse tap to draw power from the circuit that controls the auto-dimming mirror. So the detector starts right up with the car, and turns off with it as well. I also bought a quick connect just like the one used on the included wire tap so everything was…