Entertainmount (Black) – Universal Smartphone Car Mount with Unique Rotation Feature that is Perfect for Back Seat Viewing

“ARE WE THERE YET? HOW ABOUT NOW? WHAT ABOUT NOW?” Want to avoid that tired refrain the next time you hit the road? Giving your kiddos something to watch when they’re riding in the back seat can help to preserve the peace on those long trips, but what’s the best solution for a car video player? Your smartphone or phablet can play movies! You could give the kids that but then you’ll inevitably be faced with fighting over who gets to hold it, fingerprints all over the screen and maybe even an iPhone drenched with a spilled sippy cup. That doesn’t mean you have to invest in a costly car TV or car DVD player for playing movies in the car. It just means your family needs the Entertainmount Go-Anywhere Smartphone Car Mount! In under 2 minutes, the Entertainmount transforms the backseat of your car into a movie theater for the kids. The car phone mount installs quickly between the headrests on the front seats, and the phone mount is outfitted with a magnet to keep the phone in place. Capable of holding devices up to 7″ in width, it’s a truly universal Samsung, HTC or iPhone car mount or car phone holder for any other make and model! When you’re on the go and you get a call, or you need to pull over and check for directions, you don’t have to disassemble the smartphone car mount setup. Viewing the phone is as easy as swiveling the Entertainmount to face the front! Pause the movie, get the job done and swivel the screen back to resume playback. It couldn’t be easier! Entertainmount isn’t just a lifesaver in the car. You can use it as so much more than a smartphone car mount. Take it into the store, into the house or anyplace else to entertain the kids or even help you pass the time! Get more out of your mobile device. Keep the kids from driving you crazy at the store or in the car. Enjoy videos anytime, anywhere with the Entertainmount!

Product Features

  • PATENT PENDING ROTATION FEATURE THAT NO OTHER MOUNT HAS – Securely mounts between headrests for back seat viewing, but allows your device to rotate 180 degrees so that the passenger in the front seat can change the program for the viewers in the back!
  • WHERE WILL YOU MOUNT IT? This entertainment stand can go anywhere–on the visor, on the air vent on the sunroof, and it’s not just a smartphone car mount. Use it on the shopping cart, inside the golf cart, on the kitchen cabinets, on the treadmill and anyplace else!
  • NEVER MISS A CALL When the phone ringtone sounds, Mom or Dad can reach over from the passenger seat and swivel the car phone holder to answer. No other car phone mount is quite like it!
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR PHONE OR PHABLET Use it as an iPhone car mount for any model, even the iPhone 6 Plus, as a Samsung car phone holder or for any other smartphone up to 7 inches. Will also hold most 7 inch tablets.
  • NO FUSS, NO FALLS Mount this smartphone stand anywhere in under 2 minutes! Strong elastic bands keep the phone safely in place against a non-slip mounting plate, so there’s no risk of breakage.

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2 Responses to Entertainmount (Black) – Universal Smartphone Car Mount with Unique Rotation Feature that is Perfect for Back Seat Viewing

  1. Ray says:

    Great gadget! I received my Entertainmount before Spring Break, just in time for a family road trip. I loved how efficient and sturdy this product is. A feature I loved the most was the fact that I can charge my phone while it is mounted on the Entertainmount. The kids are happy with their movie and I have peace of mind that my phone is still charged should I need it to use it. I was also impressed with the company’s customer service. I received a follow-up email from the company after I received my product…

  2. Joshua Richardson says:

    Clean Simple Design, Built To Last! Got out Entertainmount today and it’s already a huge hit! The kids want to go sit out in the van and watch their favorite shows on the Entertainmount instead of sitting inside in front of the TV. From a product point of view, what you see is what you get. The frame is solid, thick plastic that feels like it will stand up to a beating, which is important when you have 3 kids and a puppy! The simplicity of the design is fantastic. The strap that hold the phone are thick rubber that slide to…