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EASYOWN Hot Sell Series :

B01H1408VS(CS706 Bluetooth Function)

Car Camera :
B01ANE52BE (X400)

-----------Time- Disposes- ^^----------------

Features :
√ Functional Navigation System :
Multiple Choice for Road Type Used For Route Planning & Route Calculation Method & Vehicle
Selection & Unit Convert. Able to save the place you want as POI or add to Favorite.

√ Rich POI information:
Accommodation, Airport, Cafe/Bar, Car Dealer/Repair, Car Rental, Community, Communication,
Finance, Gas Station, Leisure, Medical, Parking and more
Transportation. (Default set is close)

√ Lane Assist with Junction View:
Displays upcoming junctionsand uses brightly colored arrows to indicate your proper lane.
Street name display during navigation (Street name display default set is close)

√ Easily search addresses:
Select the Country and State, Enter the code or the street name . You get what you what! Also,
Able to search by Coordinate Input.

√ More information just in one Glance :
Display speed, time, Current street, Vehicle type, Speed limit, Altitude, Distance remaining
(Get more information Pls press the left side when navigation)

1* Manual
1* Mount
1*Back bracket
1* Car charger Cable
1*Mini Cable
1* 8GB Card built-in
1* Navigation
1* Home Charger

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Product Features

  • Updated: 8GB/256M,Bluetooth function, System Software updated.
  • U.S.and Canadian Map are preloaded. Unit Convert : Meters/ Feet/ Yards
  • Route Calculation Method : Short/Fast/Easy/ Economical. Keep Position on Road & Off-route Recalculation .
  • Vehicle Selection : Car, Emergency, Taxi, Pedestrian, Bicycle, Bus
  • Road Type Used For Route Planning : Unpaved Roads, Permit Needed, Highways, Toll Roads, Ferris, Charge Roads, Cross-border Planning, Carpool.

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  1. Jeb Pilgrim says:

    Great deal I wanna one useful but not expensive. And so glad that this product meets my expectations. Save a lot time on my way and gets me exactly where I wanted:-Large screen, so I can see the route easily.-Multiple’Options : Unite converter , Games’FM’ MP4’Photo storage, etc-Display the street names-Display the speed-Built in maps updated already-Easy directions and easy to follow-Lane detection-Operate…

  2. Laura Brown says:

    Like the bluetooth function as well with a wide arrange …

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