E-PRANCE Long USB Car Charger Travel Charger for Car DVR GPS

General Introduction:
*High quality car cigarette lighter adaptor (12~24v DC)
*Rapidly charge your battery
*Intelligent IC chip inside to prevent overcharging and short circuit
*Compact, lightweight and easy use

Package Details:
Item Color:black
Package Weight:100g
Package Include:1*USB Car Charger

Product Features

  • 1. 3.5 meters
  • 2. Compact lightweight and easy use

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2 Responses to E-PRANCE Long USB Car Charger Travel Charger for Car DVR GPS

  1. Anonymous says:

    I keep this mini charger in my car glove box on standby as it’s perfect for charging my MP3 player on my way to prepping for a run.The output is 2A with an extra-long cable (3.5m!!) so I could charge something in the boot of my car if I wanted to from the cigarette lighter at the front of my car… you never know!I’d say the build quality is adequate, it could be better…but I’m not sure there’s any requirement for that.There…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought this (2) to tear down and hardwire the power to cameras (Mini 0801 Car DVR). The internal power supply fits nicely into the overhead console. I even moved the LED to the edge of the console so I can check on the power supply status. I also plan to wire an extra one just to be able to charge USB devices.WARNING! The reason I bought this is the first one I tried was wired in reverse. (Red/Blk). So be careful to check the polarity, don’t rely on the wire color. I did and got a…