DISH VQ4400 Tailgater Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna (for use with DISH)

Take your DISH Satellite TV Service anywhere in the continental US! The DISH Tailgater is a fully automatic portable HD Satellite Antenna that sits on the ground OR permanently mounts to the roof of your RV. The Tailgater is ideal for RVs, sporting and outdoor enthusiasts, tailgaters, long haul truckers or anyone with an active mobile lifestyle. Enjoy SD or HD DISH Satellite programming no matter your destination (does not provide service while moving). Enjoy your favorite TV programing anywhere, anytime. Special DISH Solo HD Satellite receiver not included. Kit includes antenna and coax cable only. Compatible with DISH HD Solo receivers (411, 211, ViP211K and ViP211Z). DISH satellite service required; no long term contract necessary. Made in the USA.

Product Features

  • Portable satellite TV antenna for DISH service. Sign up for pay-as-you-go or add to your home DISH service
  • Use as either portable antenna or roof mounted (mounting feet included)
  • Fully automatic satellite acquisition
  • Supports single TV viewing
  • Powered through receiver with no separate remote or power source

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3 Responses to DISH VQ4400 Tailgater Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna (for use with DISH)

  1. Motorhome Mama says:

    We Love the Tailgater! We waited to put up our review until after we had a chance to use this. When we first set up the Tailgater, we getting error messages and we tried calling Dish. They tried a few things and even sent us to a 2nd party troubleshooter but we had no success. After some Internet research, I discovered a recommended iPhone app for locating the satellites in the sky–it turned out all the Dish Satellites were behind trees where we were parked, so that was the problem all along! Once we got the…

  2. EricNSTL says:

    VQ4100 QUEST Local channels explained in the review. AWESOME!! I was so tired of setting up my tripod dish and then putting everything away while camping. So I decided to get the King Quest to make my set ups a breeze. With this dish I receive all of my programming including my local channels. Set up is a breeze now. Just put the Portable dish outside with a view to the satellites, turn everything on and BAM! you will have TV within a few minutes. Granted I have lost HD programming, but while in my RV I can live with it. It is not the…

  3. Charlie Niemi says:

    The first unit ordered was defective. Spent quite a …