DieselBoss backup camera for Rand McNally GPS – trailer tow cable version

Turn your Rand McNally camera-enabled GPS model into a backup monitor! High resolution WIRED backup camera for Rand McNally camera-enabled GPS models. This system is complete with the camera wire and the 12 volt lighter socket power cord. The camera is high quality, wide angle (140 degrees) Sony CCD lens technology. Excellent daytime and very good night time video picture for your Rand McNally RVND GPS model with camera input. This is a wired system, so you will have to use an existing opening to route the camera wire from the rear of the camper, trailer, or vehicle. Or you will have to make a 9/16″ hole to get the connector through the bulkhead of where you are mounting it. Plug one connector into a cigarette lighter jack for camera power and the other wire into the video input jack on the side of your GPS.

Product Features

  • Use your GPS as a backup video camera monitor! Hi-Res backup camera designed for Rand McNally RV camera-enabled model GPS
  • Trailer tow disconnect version – includes 35′ cable on the truck side, 45 feet on the trailer side, and 6 feet (max) stretch between the towing vehicle and the trailer
  • High quality, 140 degree wide angle, Sony CCD lens technology
  • Adjustable (up down) angle, waterproof, all cables are included
  • Use two machine screws or bolts to bulkhead mount, or license plate bracket mount the unit. A 9/16″ hole or opening will be needed near the camera to pass the connector into the vehicle or trailer. No power connection is needed at the camera as it gets its power from a 12 volt lighter socket inside the vehicle near the GPS.

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