Cosmic Optix Premium Rear View Weather Proof License Backup Camera For Cars/Trucks/Vans/SUVs/HD Color/Waterproof/1-Year-Hassle-Free-Guarantee

The Cosmic Optix Vehicle Backup License Plate Camera CO-JY-008 Is Built Last! From Camera Design To Quality Production, Durability Is Key, & This Camera Has A Proven Track Record. Cosmic Optix Understands that Great Customer Service is the Name of the Game! Our Staff of Professionals is Ready to Assist You. We Offer a One-Year, No-Questions-Asked Warranty. Just Send Us Your Problem, and We’ll Send you a New Camera. There’s No Risk When You Buy Here!! Cosmic Optix has its Own In House Quality Control which Conducts a Rigorous Testing Program to Find Our Products. They have also Established an On-Going Test Vehicle Fleet Which Allows them to Continuously Indentify Problems, and Improve.

Product Features

  • The Cosmic Optix License Plate Backup Camera Is Constructed From The Highest Quality Materials On The Market. The Camera Is Preserved In A Sturdy Weatherproof, Non-Corrosive Zinc Alloy, Ensuring Protection From Harsh Environmental Conditions. With The Exceptional Waterproof Rating Of IP67, You’ll Have Peace Of Mind That Your Camera Is Unaffected By Torrential Downpours.
  • The Refined Body Style Is Sleek In Design, Yet Unobtrusive Improving Both Vehicle Safety & Appearance. The Cosmic Optix CO-JY-008 Backup Camera Easily Mounts To Your Vehicle Using The Existing Screws Of Your License Plate. The Camera Works With Most In-Dash Monitors/GPS Systems.
  • No More Rear View Blind Spot Accidents! Our Camera Provides Superior Rear View Vision With An Angle Of 170°. This Camera Also Allow For A 45° Adjustable Tilt To Accommodate Greater Vision Options.
  • Visual Clarity That Is Hard To Exceed: The Superior Quality Image Display In HD Color And Distance Scale Lines Ensure Safety While Backing Out & Parking.
  • The One-Year-Hassle-Free-Warranty, Superior Customer Service, And Comprehensive Downloadable DIY Instructions & Videos Make Purchasing From Cosmic Optix A Truly Valuable Purchase. Consider Pairing Your Camera With One Of Our Crystal Clear TFT/HD Monitors. ***Please Consult An Experienced Mechanic If You Lack Experience In Such An Install.

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2 Responses to Cosmic Optix Premium Rear View Weather Proof License Backup Camera For Cars/Trucks/Vans/SUVs/HD Color/Waterproof/1-Year-Hassle-Free-Guarantee

  1. Jamie H says:

    Life saver! I drive a 2013 Chevy Malibu. I went with a basic model because the car is our commuter car. We didn’t go with a back up cam, which I instantly regretted. My driveway has a wicked angle, pair that with the high back window that makes visibility a challenge while backing up, it was a recipe for disaster. This camera came with a step by step tutorial, which saved me from having to wait on my husband to install it, it offers a crystal clear picture and has made me feel much safer while maneuvering…

  2. J. Page says:

    Great daytime image, terrible night time image Below is a review of the Cosmic Optix camera as it compares to a couple of Esky models that perspective buyers might find useful.I recently purchased three license plate frame cameras in a quest to find one that would work adequately for us on our 2007 Acura MDX. Our local installers originally installed a very low quality camera that was held on by a flimsy plate mount. Video quality was not very good, the guide lines that were super-imposed over the image were useless (they were…