Cobra HG S500 Highgear CB Speaker

Cobra’s High Gear external speakers are designed to offer an exceptional combination of unsurpassed power handling, great sound, rugged construction and stunning looks. The Talkback feature lets you monitor your voice as you transmit. It’s an indispensable tool if you are using an echo mike or signal processor, so that you can make audio adjustments.This four inch speaker has five hundred watts of power and offers an outstanding noise cancellation system. With the talk back function, you can communicate via the speaker, freeing your hands for driving or other chores. Its shock-resistant construction and 5.5 ounce magnet promise to keep the speaker dent-free and stabilized. Other features include a 180 degree ratcheted swivel bracket, a black metal mesh grill and an earpiece jack for team drivers. The color is gray, and the speaker comes with a two year warranty.

What’s in the Box
One HG-S500 external speaker and a two year warranty.

Product Features

  • Noise-canceling External
  • cb Speaker With Talk-back
  • 15w Capacity
  • 4″ Diameter
  • 8_ 5.5-oz Permanent Magnet Driver
  • Allows transmission to be heard through speaker
  • 15 watt max power
  • Noise-canceling speaker
  • 4″ 8 ohm ferrite magnet driver
  • Aluminum dust cap

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2 Responses to Cobra HG S500 Highgear CB Speaker

  1. Gearhead Jim says:

    A good unit, minor issues Ours is used because the Cobra 75WX ST CB radio has a weak speaker. Works good but the talk-back feature doesn’t seem to do anything. Unit looks very sturdy. The noise cancelling feature reduces background noise but also reduces total volume, we sometimes need to turn it off for weak signals. The speaker has a black double-wire cord and a red single-wire cord, identical plugs on the end and no instructions on what to use them for. I phoned Cobra and they said the black double wire is for…

  2. T.J. says:

    It’s a BIG speaker, and it works REALLY well I purchased this speaker to use it with the Cobra 75WXST Weatherband CB Radio. The speaker on this CB is built into the handpiece, so I thought I’d need the extra volume to account for the small built-in speaker. However, it turned out that the built-in speaker worked fine.When I received this speaker, the first thing I thought was, I can’t believe how big it is. Before I received it I was planning on mounting it up under where the passanger would place their feet in the car (not…