Cobra Electronics RAD250 Rad 250 (Black)

The Cobra rad 250 keeps drivers aware of their surroundings while protecting them against all Radar and laser Guns used today. Its anti-falsing circuitry reduces false alerts from erroneous sources like collision avoidance systems so users hear just what they need to hear while the easy-to-read color display and easy-to-understand alerts provide and Accurate and informed drive.

Product Features

  • Radar/laser protection-detects all Radar signals (x, K and ka bands signal strength indicated), laser and vg-2 signals.
  • Instant-on ready-detects Radar Guns with “instant-on” (very fast) speed monitoring capabilities
  • Laser eye-detects laser signals from both front and rear
  • Anti-falsing circuitry-automatically reduces false alerts from erroneous sources including blind spot systems and traffic flow monitoring devices so you hear just what you want to hear
  • Easy-to-read display bright display with intuitive band identification icons for easy viewing in any light

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3 Responses to Cobra Electronics RAD250 Rad 250 (Black)

  1. Jeanette Stull says:

    The New Cobra RAD450 I was looking for a second radar detector for my other car, and I can say I have owned radar detectors from all the top manufacturers. Im not going to give a history lesson on detectors, but back in the day a Cobra Trapshooter was it. They slowly lost ground to Escort, Valentine, and Whistler, due to inferior technology. Cobra detectors have always had the ability to detect police radar and laser at great distances, but even more so in the past 10 years, they detect everything else also. Their…

  2. Brett M. Wilson says:

    Great K band filter from Bsm and lane assist pollution …

  3. gbriggs82 says:

    It’s really not a bad radar detector I have videos to share going up …