Cobra Electronics ESD 777 12-Band Radar Detector

Cobra ESD 777 12-Band Radar Detector

Product Features

  • Detects All Radar & Laser Guns
  • Lasereye Provides 360 degree Detection Of Laser Signals
  • Safety Alert Warns Driver Of Emergency Vehicles & Road Hazards
  • Ultra-Bright Data Display Provides Easy Recognition Of Band Detected By Use Of Identification Icons
  • City & Highway Modes

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3 Responses to Cobra Electronics ESD 777 12-Band Radar Detector

  1. W. Siriwalothakul says:

    It’s obvious that it works See a video of this detector in action on: […]When I purchased this, some of my rich friends told me that I’ve just pissed my money away and I should’ve spent $600 for a Valentine or an Escort. However, all radar detectors are meant to catch scattered signals when the radar was aimed at other vehicles in front of you. It is obvious to me that this unit is doing exactly that when I drove by an overpass with someone standing on top of it facing the oncoming traffic below. As I…

  2. Nick Ochs says:

    Good for the price I bought this radar detector due to a new car that was inciting to go fast in. I was tight on money so i thought a cheap detector or a ticket. I went with this because a buddy of mine got it from Walmart for $80 but i thought id try amazon. It was a bit cheaper but it helps.This detector is definitely not the best. That being said it has alerted me of every speed trap ive passed.but its alerted me of a lot of automatic opening doors too. SPECIAL NOTE: New Audis seem to set if off i…

  3. Shazz Steele says:

    Great Product!! 0