Cobra 25 WX NW ST 40-Channel CB Radio (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Cobra 25 Wx Nw St Classic Cb Radio With Sound tracker & Night watch Illuminated Front PanelWarn other drivers of traffic problems, get help in case of emergency, and learn the local hot spots with the Cobra 25 WXNWST CB radio, an ideal unit for professional truckers and other drivers. Outfitted with Cobra’s NightWatch technology–which features solid-state, electroluminescent backlighting that fully illuminates the radio’s functions and buttons–the radio maximizes night vision while minimizing eye fatigue, making it safe and convenient for drivers everywhere. Of course, the device also excels because of its 40 CB radio channels and heavy-duty dynamic microphone (with a generous 9-foot cord), which keeps drivers connected whether on the highways or in the city. Drivers can dynamically adjust the mic level for increased voice clarity–a must when overcoming the noise of gravelly diesel engines–or fine-tune the audio levels via the three-position control. Further adding to the audio clarity is Cobra’s exclusive SoundTracker system, which reduces static by up to 90 percent for clean, precise transmission and reception of CB signals.

While CB channels are the radio’s main currency, the 25 WXNWST also receives seven weather channels from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The channels offer 24-hour weather updates in all 50 states, ensuring that you’re never caught unaware by a rainstorm, blizzard, or heavy winds. The radio even includes an emergency weather alert that sounds an alarm when threatening conditions–such as a tornado or other hazard–is nearby, even when the CB is turned off. And should an emergency crop up, drivers can instantly access the emergency and information channels (9 and 19, respectively).

Additional features include tactile controls, which let the driver feel the dial position without taking his or her eyes off the road; a PA function that lets drivers use the CB as a public address system; a switchable noise blanker for increased noise reduction; and a front microphone connector for attaching the microphone in or under the dash. The 4-watt radio–the maximum wattage allowed by law–measures 6.38 by 2.2 by 8.62 inches (W x H x D) and is backed by a two-year warranty.

What’s in the Box
CB transceiver, microphone, transceiver bracket, microphone bracket, DC power cord, FCC rules, user’s manual.

Product Features

  • Cb Radio
  • Radio functions are illuminated for night-time viewing of controls
  • Road
  • 4-watt, 40-channel CB radio with NightWatch electroluminescent backlighting for added safety
  • Radio’s backlit front panel maximizes night vision while minimizing eye fatigue
  • Receives 7 NOAA weather channels and emergency weather alert; instant access to emergency channel
  • SoundTracker system reduces static by up to 90 percent; 3-position audio control and PA function
  • Heavy-duty dynamic mic with 9-foot cord; measures 6.38 by 2.2 by 8.62 inches (W x H x D); 2-year warranty

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